Friday 18 February 2011

Winter vacation


Today's the last day of work before the winter vacation next week. I love being a teacher and having many long vacations to enjoy! Nevertheless I have two big piles of essays and tests that I need to correct next week so I won't be able to relax completely. My boyfriend's mother arrived yesterday and she's going to stay with us for a week. Hopefully it won't be too cold outside so that we'll be able to get out a little bit while she's here. She's not used to cold or snow (I think this might be the first or second time she's seen any)at all, so her threshold of cold is definitely a lot lower than ours.
Coat and dress from Asos, tights, gloves and beret from H&M, Miu Miu purse and docs.

Tuesday 8 February 2011


Frozen waterfall

I'm so horrible at blogging, yet I don't want to be. I want to keep up with my blog, but at the end of the day I feel too lazy to do anything. I think I just need to get into a routine again, but I'm not quite sure how to do that since I'm a pretty unstructured person. I've dyed my hair as you can see, but that's something I got done in early January in fact. Actually I need to re-dye my roots pretty soon!

We took these pictures on Sunday when my boyfriend, my dog and I went for a long walk together. It felt kind of springlike outside since the sun was shining and the air warmish.

Camel coatCamel coat
Purple cardigan
Purple cardiganFrozen waterfall
Little hut

I was wearing a coat and a cardigan from Benetton, a hat and dress (worn as a skirt) from H&M, tights from Noa Noa and docs.

Saturday 15 January 2011

Norwegian Wood

I had no idea there was a film adaption of "Norwegian Wood", the beautiful book by Haruki Murakami that I read a couple of years ago, until I by chance came across the trailer for the movie. I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the book, but it's set in Japan in the 60s where 20-year-old Toru Watanabe is a student. He begins a friendship/relationship with his deceased best friend's girlfriend, Naoko, and they grow quite close, but she suddenly goes away to a sanatorium. While she is away Toru also becomes attracted to Midori who he studies with. The book is about love, emotions, sadness and is written in such a beautiful language. As for the movie (judging by the trailer), it seems so, so beautiful. I really can't wait for it to be out here in March.

Friday 7 January 2011



Happy new year, everyone! I feel bad for being such a lousy blogger. It feels quite challenging to be blogging again after not blogging for over two months in the fall, and I just need to get back into the routine of blogging again somehow.

Anyway, these pictures are from about a week ago when my boyfriend and I went out for a walk in a park together. I was wearing a new knitted top I had bought at the Mango sale - it's so warm and cozy!



Top from Mango, skirt from Gina Tricot, tights from Noa Noa, and Docs shoes.

Sunday 19 December 2010



Things have been really busy the last couple of weeks with lots of tests and essays I've had to correct, but now, finally, I have a holiday for the next two and a half weeks. It feels so nice to be able to relax and just be with my boyfriend (he came a week ago and it's been lovely so far) without having to get up while it's still dark in the morning.


Coat by Thomas Burberry, sweater from Mango, skirt, beret and tights from H&M, shoes from Sixtyseven and bag by Miu Miu.

Saturday 4 December 2010

Stripes in the window sill

Window sill

I've been wanting to do some outdoor outfit photos for a while, but with this freezing weather (last time I've checked it was -16 degrees Celsius), I think I'd basically turn into an icicle if I even attempted that. So, indoor photos will have to do, but I really hope I'll be able to take some outside soon. If only the temperature would go down (or up?) to around 0 degrees, I think I should manage...

Thank you all for all your sweet comments in my last post. I hope you are all enjoying your weekends. I'm trying to catch up on sleep this weekend since I was so busy during the weekend and really got too little of it!

Window sill
Window sill

Cardigan from Sonia Rykiel pour H&M, vintage skirt and the tights are from Gina Tricot.

Saturday 27 November 2010


Bilde 322

I haven't stopped blogging and I'm back again after a break that has lasted much too long. A lot has changed since we last spoke, for instance the fact that I've moved back to Norway. I wasn't feeling happy in Israel mainly because I couldn't find a proper, well-paid job and that was very depressing since I have an advanced university degree. Therefore I decided to pack my bags and leave, for Oslo, to be precise, and over the last month and a half I've found an apartment and a job (well, two since I work a 50% position in two different schools). I wasn't able to blog when I was in the middle of all that because it just seemed too stressful on top of everything.

Now, life is a lot better and easier. My boyfriend is moving here in two weeks and I am beyond excited for that.

P.S: Thanks for all the sweet emails and comments you've sent me. It really warmed my heart that you missed my blog :)

Sunday 19 September 2010

My new watch


Another one of my birthday presents was this watch that my boyfriend gave me. I haven't worn a watch in years so it feels a little bit strange wearing one again. However, I love it to bits and I will definitely be wearing it a lot. I find it incredibly pretty because of the vintage look that it has and the fact that the band is made of leather.

Today's been a fun day where we've been biking on an empty highway, which was pretty surreal. I'll show you some pictures of that in a few days time. I hope all of you are having a lovely weekend!


Skirt: Sonia Rykiel for H&M, blouse: vintage from my boyfriend's mother, shoes: Noa Noa, headband: H&M and the watch is a present.