Monday, 7 April 2008

Winter? Spring?

Unfortunately it still looks pretty much like this where I am:

and it's going to take a good while before it will be proper spring. Luckily I'm going away for a couple of weeks to somewhere further south where I do presume it is a little warmer.

What I wish I could wear today.

I wish it was spring, properly, and warmish so that I could wear this... and stroll the streets of Paris, preferrably, and just feel carefree.

I really want that bag from miu miu. The problem is though, that it's from a few seasons ago, and nearly impossible to get hold of now.

Oh No.

I am quite ashamed of myself as I meant to start writing regularly in this blog, but evidently that has not happened. Yes, I have quite good reasons for that though. First, I was neither happy with my blogname, nor the layout. Secondly, I had no time to change that, or shall we say I was too lazy to focus on that, and then I didn't want to write anything as I didn't like it. Now, when that is changed and I have fixed things, and since I am rather content with the name and the layout, I intend to start writing and make this blog worth reading. Hopefully I will succeed.