Monday, 12 January 2009

New vintage clothes.

I'm still not done moving (and it's going to take quite a bit longer, but at least I'm a little less busy right now), but as promised, I'm going to show you my new vintage finds.

This skirt:

and this dress, which I'm completely and utterly in love with. Unfortunately it's a little small, and I need help zipping it up so I'm not wearing it, but I'm sure you get the idea anyway:

I found both of them on ebay.

Today's been really nice as I've had the whole day off. I've managed to find time to tidy, go to the gym, sleep in, and go shopping a bit. I bought three DVDs; Atonement, The Darjeeling Limited (which are both two of my favourite films), and Juno (which I have yet to watch). So now I'm going to drink a cup of hot chocolate and watch one of my new DVDs before I go to bed.

I hope all of you are doing well.