Friday, 6 August 2010

Weekend wedding


As a promised a few days ago I'm going to show you pictures from my friend Amalie's wedding that I went to last weekend. The wedding took part over a whole weekend and I stayed in a cabin with three of my friends - that was a lot of fun! A great wedding all in all, and Amalie looked so beautiful and luminous the whole time.

The weekend started with a three hour drive to where the wedding was held. A long drive, but it was spent chatting (I hadn't seen my friends in six months) and sleeping (for my part).

Linn, Jeanette and Amalie.
Kristine and I.
When we arrived we changed and went to the barbecue that was held on Friday evening. For dessert there were lots of yummy strawberries.

Writing song
The latter part of the evening we spent composing and rehearsing a song that we were going to perform at the wedding the following day. Then we went to sleep.

Make up
(Odd photo of me in the morning)
Make up
The morning of the wedding was somewhat stressful doing our make up and getting ready before we drove to the church where the marriage took place.

WeddingWedding rice>VeilKiss
We were given heart-shaped rice to throw at the bride and groom.

We then made our way to the reception where there were canapes and heart shaped toast.

While we were waiting for dinner we hung around outside.

Dinner - which included many touching, warm and funny speeches, excellent food and kisses (I'd never heard of these traditions before, but whenever the bride or groom left the room all members of the opposite sex had to run up to the one who hadn't left the room and give him or her a kiss on the cheek, or, if everyone was stomping their feet or knocking on their glass with a knife the bride and groom had to get down on the floor or up on two chairs and kiss). I haven't included any more pictures from the dinner as the rest didn't turn out the best.

After dinner we went back to the cabin to rehearse the song a few more times, and I also changed my dress as I wasn't feeling comfortable in the one I was wearing.

Then, when we came back again, the tables had been moved and a dance floor had emerged. We performed the song we'd written for Amalie and although it included some slightly embarrassing stories about her, she was delighted.

DrinksDancingNight snackDancingDancing
The rest of the evening there was dancing, drinks, night food (the potatoes - as I'm a vegetarian) and fun.

We took a taxi back to our cabin at four in the morning and went to sleep. The next day we had brunch, which I unfortunately have no pictures of before we drove to the airport.