Saturday, 7 February 2009

Parts of my new house.

A while ago I promised to show you pictures of my new place, and now I intend to do so. However, there are still a lot of things to fix, and therefore I'm only going to show you my living room and bedroom for now. I'm pretty happy with how those look now, although there are a few things here and there that I'm not completely done with.

Let's start with the living room.

I'm really happy that I have a fireplace now - it's so cozy. Though I don't have any wood to burn.

And this is my bedroom. It's quite small, and I can't fit much more than my bed and my closet and drawers (which are on the wall you can't see) into it.


I'm sorry, but I don't have the time to reply to any of your comments now. I'm going to Sweden for two months tomorrow, it's late and I've barely started packing (as the typical procrastinator I am). I'll try to reply to all the comments from the previous post tomorrow evening or on Sunday. Have a good weekend everyone!