Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A dress by Alix.

This weekend I received a package with a dress I had ordered which is designed by Alix, the girl who runs the Cherryblossomgirl blog. I was more than thrilled. I love the colour, shape, and the pretty collar of the dress... and couldn't be happier that I decided to buy it. So, while taking my dog for a walk in the woods I decided to take some pictures too - in the cold, cold snowy weather.


It started snowing here a few days ago, and I can't say I'm excited by that. First of all because I don't have any 'winter shoes'. All my boots are so slippery underneath, and I can't possibly bring myself to wear the kind of boots or shoes other people tell me I should wear. It would just clash completely with my style to wear some sort of sporty shoes, and I'd feel ugly, so I really must think of another solution.