Sunday, 1 February 2009


First of all, a little while ago I was tagged by the sweet Demi from Fashionably Early to do the Fashionista tag- Fun, fun, fun!

Describe your personal style
- I like to dress in a feminine, girly, retro, vintage-like way, to put it short. I mostly wear pretty blouses and skirts, or dresses and tights.

What are the staples in your wardrobe?
- Most of my clothes are hung in my closet or kept in drawers, but the staples I do have in my closets are pants that I don't really wear, warm sweaters and cardigans as well as clothes that I wear for work.

What's your signature look?
- A pretty skirt and a nice blouse with a cardigan, or a dress, worn with tights and some cute shoes.

What inspires you?
- Mostly other bloggers and their amazing style, but also dreamy, romantic and quirky films, the weather and the nature around me, and magazines.

Who is your fashion muse?
- I suppose for the most part bloggers like Marisa, Elin and Sandra whose style I admire so much. Other than that I would say Zooey Deschanel, Natalie Portman and Audrey Hepburn. Oh, and let's not forget Blair Waldorf, if a fictional person can be a muse.

Favourite purchase of all time?
- Hmmm, I suppose perhaps my Marc by Marc Jacobs Faridah bag or my extremely sweet vintage dress with bows.

Biggest splurge?
- My Marc by Marc Jacobs Faridah bag.

What's your beauty routine?
- Mornings: I put on Ahava or Kiehl's moisturizer, black dip eyeliner from Clinique, mascara and Rosebud chapstick, and perfume - either ChloƩ, Comme des Garcons, or Anna Sui Secret Wish. Now and then I also use Bobbi Brown foundation, Benefit Erase paste, and lipstick and lipliner from Mac. I brush my hair and usually put it in a ponytail or put a clip in it.
In the evening I wash my face with Dior Magique Rinse off Cleansing Gel.
What jewelery do you never take off?
- I don't have any jewelery that I never take off, but I have some necklaces that I wear for a really long time each time I wear them, such as a locket from my grandmother, and a flower necklace that also belonged to her.

What are you wishing for?
- Oh, a lot. In terms of fashion and clothing, I really want a pretty wool cape in deep red, navy or black, and a schoolgirl jumper/pinafore. 
Other than that I hope to find a job in the future that I enjoy and to be happy and healthy.

What are your obsessions?
- Travelling, watching wonderful films, shopping, dreaming, vintage, blogging, bows...

And certaintly, anyone else who wants to do this too!

Also, Becca Jane of  the lovely Along the Shore gave me this really sweet award. Thank you!

 I would like to pass it on to Emily, Maria G., and Mirthe.

The sweet Emily of Resplendent Tranquility gave me two lovely awards (one of them which I already have, and I feel a bit silly and selfish sort of posting an award that I already received, so I won't feature it). 


Thanks Emily!

I'm passing this one on to Andrea, Mo, and Anna