Sunday, 17 August 2008

The sea.

A few days ago I went to a pretty place by the seaside with my boyfriend. The weather was quite nice, although not very warm, but now it already feels like autumn is just around the corner. I can't say that I feel very excited about that considering the fact that the winters here are extremely long, and the weather never suitable for wearing the kind of clothes I want to wear. It's quite safe to say that I won't settle here for life, no matter how nice it might be in the summer.

I'm wearing a dress from Dahlia, tights from H&M and shoes from Bianco.

London, day five.

I think I need to hurry up a little posting my pictures from London, as it's nearly two weeks since I came back now.

Nevertheless, these are the pictures from the second to last full day we had in London. We went to the Spitafields market in the morning, which was nice. I sort of regret not going to Portobello market instead since the things sold there might have been more varied - at least that's what I imagine. I didn't buy anything at Spitafields, except for a pair of sunglasses, but it was still nice looking around there. Afterwards we walked down Brick Lane, which was nice and interesting. In the afternoon we went to Tate Modern. That was really nice although we didn't have much time there. In a way, though, it was nice that they closed rather early since we went to see The Edge of Love in the cinema. The film was really nice, but the plot was perhaps a little weak (considering that my boyfriend fell asleep). I think I mostly liked it for the beautiful outfits, however.

These are the sunglasses I bought at Spitafields market. They look strange, but I like the shape of them a lot. I just wish that the glass wouldn't be so reflective.

Tate modern.

Me in the tube.