Saturday, 14 February 2009

Hello pretty, red Burberry coat!


As you might guess from the headline, I've acquired a coat by Thomas Burberry today. It was sort of an impulse buy, but the coat was on sale and I'd wanted a pretty red coat for so long. I had quite a hard time choosing between this one and a red Marc by Marc Jacobs coat, which was really nice too, and really warm and thick, but I thought the Burberry coat had a nicer cut. I also bought some bubblegum coloured tights from Filippa K.

The coat I bought.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs coat.

I also walked around in Helsingborg and I took some nice pictures. I'm really starting to like this city a lot!

Can you see Denmark in background?


I love the way this forest looks - so magical!

I thought this was so charming and quirky.