Sunday, 9 August 2009

Flower crown tutorial.

Back in April when I made this post several of you asked how I made the flower crown I was wearing. I said that I would make a tutorial for you in the summer, and while it's been summer for a few months now, I had completely forgot about that tutorial until now. Nevertheless, better late than never, and there is still almost a month of summer left, so if you feel like giving it a try making a flower crown, here is a tutorial for you!

Just a little note though: It is very important that the stalks of the flowers you are using are strong and bendy, otherwise it will be nearly impossible making a nice crown. It will only break and fall apart. You can use any kind of flower you like, or several different ones (Some of the nicest crowns are encompassed by various flowers, in my opinion) - I used forget-me-nots because I have lots of them in my garden and because I wanted a crown with small delicate flowers. Also, you don't necessarily need to gather all the flowers you're using before you start (I just thought that might be easier for beginners)... usually I just pick the flowers and make the crown as I'm walking around.