Friday, 3 October 2008

Thoughts, gloves and a tag.

This has been a really stressful week at the teaching work experience I'm doing at a school, with lots of planning and work. It really takes so much time, but it is also very interesting and I do think I like it a lot. It's just very demanding - more than I ever imagined with all the planning that's needed, and just being a teacher, and talking. You wouldn't believe how sore my throat felt after giving my first lesson this week. I do suppose it's something you get used to, though. Hopefully at least. Next week, and onward, will be even more difficult, as I'll be doing all the teaching on my own. I am, luckily, also excited for it.

I decided to treat myself to a nice pair of leather gloves from Bianco this week. They're perfect, in my opinion, and I especially love the zipper on them, which make them a little special.


A while ago I was tagged by Sidney Doll to list six quirky facts about myself, so here I go:

- Every morning (for quite a few months now) I eat buckwheat porridge with warm soy milk for breakfast. It's just so good, warm and filling.

- I used to love languages even more than I do now when I was younger. When I was 14 I went to an evening French course, and read heavy linguist books.

- I am terrified of birds, which many people think is an awkward phobia. I don't mind little birds so much (I just wouldn't want to get too near them), but bigger birds, especially pigeons are so disgusting, and I sometimes have to do detours to avoid them... However, other people seem to mind that more than I do. The thing is, I also don't want to try to cure this phobia, since I under no circumstances want to get closer to these disgusting birds.

- I tend to wake up with a sore throat, feeling clogged up and unable to breathe well in the morning. It's incredibly annoying.

- I have a habit of being really interested in a particular subject for a period of time, almost to the point of obsession, causing me to read up on it, and learning a lot about it. After some time though, the interest slowly fades, and an interest in something else might awake. At the moment I don't think I have a burning interest for anything (if we don't count fashion in), but around three - four years ago I was really interested in the Holocaust, for a long long time (and I cannot say that I'm not interested in it anymore either).

- I cannot remember the last time I wore trousers. I as good as always wear skirts or dresses. It's just so much more comfortable, I think.

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I hereby tag: Q's daydream, Hannah-Zoe of Butterflykisses, Amber of History Books, Sea and Char of Fashionsqueah, Marissa of Marissa Fashion and Valentine of Mode Parisienne.