Saturday, 27 November 2010


Bilde 322

I haven't stopped blogging and I'm back again after a break that has lasted much too long. A lot has changed since we last spoke, for instance the fact that I've moved back to Norway. I wasn't feeling happy in Israel mainly because I couldn't find a proper, well-paid job and that was very depressing since I have an advanced university degree. Therefore I decided to pack my bags and leave, for Oslo, to be precise, and over the last month and a half I've found an apartment and a job (well, two since I work a 50% position in two different schools). I wasn't able to blog when I was in the middle of all that because it just seemed too stressful on top of everything.

Now, life is a lot better and easier. My boyfriend is moving here in two weeks and I am beyond excited for that.

P.S: Thanks for all the sweet emails and comments you've sent me. It really warmed my heart that you missed my blog :)