Thursday, 5 June 2008

Random recent pictures.

I thought I'd share some more pictures from recent trips and random pictures from my little holiday at my boyfriends... most of the pictures are nature/animals and such because I really don't like the way I look in most pictures from now of me. I've been eating too much junk (ice cream everyday!) and I can see that I am gaining weight. Ugh... When I come home I'm going to sit down and read 'Skinny Bitch' yet again, and become a vegan again (I'm just a vegetarian now) because last time I read it I think it helped me lose weight. Anyway, enough of that...

The first set of pictures are from 'Neuschwanstein' (fairy tale castle, the one the Disney castle is modelled after), which was beautiful, but by no means as impressive as it's made out to be. I'd say the nature surrounding it was better.

This picture is from the other trip we had (see previous post), that was taken with my boyfriend's camera.

And this one is from a biking trip a few days ago...

... where we came across the strangest thing. I think these animals are deer - at least that's what they look like to me, but they were kept as domestic animals. I find that absurd. I thought deer were always wild. They were nevertheless really cute, and fun to feed.

Me, and a friend out in Munich.

This is also from Munich.

And some adorable swan ducklings in a park...