Thursday, 26 March 2009

The painted veil.

The painted veil 01

The Painted Veil is probably one of my favourite films (my list of those is long!) mainly because the scenery and atmosphere in it is so spectacular.

The painted veil 03

It makes me long to go to the Chinese countryside and to wear beautiful dresses from the 1920s.

The painted veil 02

Naomi Watts plays Kitty, a young woman who didn't get married to her husband, Walter, played by Edward Norton, because she loved him, but because she wanted to get away from her family. She has an affair, and Walter finds out. Kitty doesn't want to be divorced for adultery so she stays with Walter. She is forced to come with him into a remote area of China where he is to fight cholera, and hates it there. Walter tries to make life miserable for Kitty, and they barely speak with each other, but slowly they begin to have feelings for each other again.

The painted veil 04
The painted veil 05
The painted veil 06

On another note, my camera has been sent in to be repaired - and was apparently sent back to me, but it seems to have gone missing with the post. So extremely frustrating. That's why I haven't been posting much lately, but also because I've been quite busy.
Therefore I want to ask you, do you have anything you want to see in this blog? Really, anything? A few ideas, wishes and suggestions would be good so that I have something to post about until I get my camera back!