Saturday, 29 November 2008


A few days ago I came across these wonderful bow hair clips (with a net) from Johnny Loves Rosie at Asos. I want one so badly, but the Asos shipping rates are outrageous, so I don't think I will. Hopefully someone will get to wear these well!

Oh, and I've been looking for a black and white stripe top for ages, and I think I've finally found two good candidates at H&M.

This one is nice as it's quite stretchy, and it has some cute buttons on one of the shoulders. However, the quality seems poorer than the other one.

DSC03451I like this one since it seems like the quality is quite good, and it has buttons on the sleeves. I'm not sure how I feel about the wide black stripe at the sleeves and neck... but I think I like it. I just don't know if this one would work as well underneath dresses as the other one. Nevertheless, this is the one I think I'm slightly leaning towards. Which one do you prefer?