Friday, 17 July 2009

My morning.


Today, I woke up really late, and I have no idea why. I had a very relaxing day yesterday so I shouldn't really be that tired - though I guess sometimes your body needs to recuperate and then sleeping extra long is only good (it's just that I prefer to not waste the whole morning like that!)


Tassus always sleeps in my bed with me and he's always very cuddly in the morning. I love it when I have the time to wake up slowly like that.


I got up and had a nice long shower, rolled my hair, and made myself breakfast.

Buckwheat porridge with soya mik and honey as well as tea. Delicious.

What to buy
While eating I made a little list of what I had to remember to buy today... I'm going to try my hand at making vegan sushi this weekend - that's the reason for a couple of the strange sounding items!