Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Stroll on the weekend


Thank you for all your good ideas and advice on what to do if you have troubles sleeping. I've tried out some of them already and my sleeping routine's gotten better. It's still not perfect since I still go to bed at about two or three in the night, but at least that's a whole lot better than eight in the morning. Hopefully I'll be able to go to bed earlier and earlier and slowly get back on track.

We took these photos on the weekend when my boyfriend and I went for a really long walk (we probably walked for an hour or so) along the beach promenade in Tel Aviv and in a little park that we got to at the end of the walk. I've always loved going for long walks, but here that is nearly impossible due to the extremely bright and hot sun and the humidity. In the evening walking is a little more manageable (though the humidity is still there), luckily, and therefore that is something I try to do very frequently.

WavesSea and sunHatdogBeachBirdbeachdog on the beach


Skirt and hat from H&M and top and shoes from Asos