Sunday, 6 September 2009

Plaid jacket.

Plaid jacket

It really feels like autumn has come here now. The days are quite chilly, it is quite dark by nine in the evening (and the days decrease by around ten minutes every day - which is something that I hate), and the leaves are turning yellow. I like autumn for its lovely colours, crisp air and because everything feels fresh and new in a way (which is weird, since things should feel 'old' as the year is coming to an end), but what I absolutely loathe is the fact that the days are getting shorter and winter with its endless darkness is just around the corner.

I got this plaid wool jacket from my aunt last week. It's one that she used to in the 70s, I think, and I quite like it although the buttons on it need to be fixed. And it's also something that can make autumn a bit warmer and brighter.

Plaid jacket
Plaid jacketPlaid jacketPlaid jacketPlaid jacket

Vintage plaid jacket from my aunt, Marc by Marc Jacobs t-shirt, skirt and tights from Gina Tricot and shoes from Noa Noa.