Saturday, 10 July 2010

Sorting out my wardrobe.

my improved wardrobe

I guess it's actually much too late to start sorting out my summer wardrobe in July, but I've never had the need to do any seasonal wardrobe cleanses before, and I didn't imagine that this summer would be any different. I've always been able to wear all my clothes (aside from heavy winter coats, mittens, scarves and such) at any time throughout the year just by putting them together a little differently: switching thicker tights for thin ones, and occasionally not wearing tights at all, or wearing thin cardigans over blouses or dresses instead of thick wool cardigans or sweaters (that's Norwegian weather for you).

These past weeks I've come to the realization that putting away my thicker and darker skirts, dresses and cardigans would give me a better overview of my dressing choices, and there is really no point letting clothes that will be too warm to wear in Israel for the next few months take up valuable closet space, is there?

I tidied these away:
Half a dozen skirts, half a dozen dresses and some tops and cardigans that are too warm for this weather.

To make more space for:
Floaty, lightweight dresses and some colorful ones

summery skirts, blouses and tops.

I feel more inspired looking at my closet after this little clean-up, and hopefully this feeling will stay on even if I still think colder weather allows more dressing choices.

I want to thank all of you who commented in my last post for all your encouraging words and suggestions. I'm going to try and go ahead with the ideas that I first have in mind for my post and blog more frequently even if it seems like quite a challenge at times.