Saturday, 31 May 2008


At the moment I am visiting my boyfriend who is now studying in Munich, Germany. I am having a lovely time - especially because the weather is so great, too. At the beginning of this week we went on a little trip/holiday to the very south of Germany, near the Alps and right on the border to both Austria and Switzerland. It was lovely. We stayed at a nice guesthouse and went on biking trips every day - even biking from Germany through Austria to Switzerland. It might sound impressive, but the distances weren't all that long. Unfortunately I don't have so many pictures from the trip as most of them are on my boyfriend's camera, but I wanted to share some at least.

Apparently, Switzerland, which can barely be seen, is on the other side of the lake.

Here I was walking on the city wall of the German town we were staying in.

And it seemed as if that is also the town that Rapunzel is from!

At a small tourist shop there were some adorable shawls that I really regret not getting.

And this is the harbour. It was such a lovely place... parts of it rather reminded me of the Mediterranean instead of Germany.