Thursday, 31 December 2009

Outfits throughout 2009

Like so many other bloggers I've decided to make a little (or maybe not so little) post with some of my outfits throughout this past year. It's always so fun to look back and see what I used to wear both because it gives me inspiration again and because it makes me memorize the moments in which I wore them.


At the beach in Tel Aviv
New clothes
The year started with me being in Israel visiting my boyfriend. The first one is from a trip to the beach where it was quite cold and I cuddled up in two cardigans. The white cardigan and tights are from Vero Moda and the skirt from H&M. In the second photo I am wearing my new top from Cala (an Israeli shop) and a skirt from Zara).

Winter day
When I came back home again it was cold and snowy. I am wearing my mom's knitted cardigan, an H&M skirt and blouse and shoes from Benetton.


Between the trees
In early February I moved to Sweden for two months to have my teaching experience at a high school there. Coat from Mango and bow from Glitter.

Sunny February day outfit
It was a bit sunnier than here there, but still cold. Everything is from H&M.

Spring, come (04) One of the things I used to do while being there was going for walks in the area. Dress from Zara, top from Noa Noa and tights from Filippa K.


Dressed up grocery shopper (02)
In March the snow disappeared and it got a little warmer. Coat from Burberry, blouse, socks and skirt from H&M, vest from Zara and shoes from Benetton.

I had fun posing with clothes and an umbrella that I'd bought on a trip to Malmö. Blouse from H&M, tights and skirt from Gina Tricot, shoes from Din sko.

Hello springy weather
My sister came to visit me at the end of March and that was a lot of fun. Skirt, hair band and tights from H&M, blouse from Noa Noa.


Around Tel Aviv 01
In April I went to Israel again. My boyfriend had bought me this dress from Cala.

We went on a trip to northern Israel. It was so nice to feel summery weather there... Top from Vero Moda and shorts from Tjallamalla.

In the midst of flowers...and dresses without tights. Dress from Dahlia.

In Tel Aviv
My last day was spent shopping in Tel Aviv. Dress from Cala and shoes from Topshop.

At home it was still pretty cold, but it was wonderful to see Tassus again. Dress and tights from H&M, trench from Dahlia and shoes from a shop in Germany.


Despite the cold, I tried to wear summery outfits by incorporating tights. Vintage shorts, Mango t-shirt, shoes from Topshop, and tights from H&M.

I explored places I had not been. Skirt from American Apparel, vintage top, shoes from Benetton and tights from Noa Noa.

White flowers and dress
I got a lovely 40s vintage dress with the cutest lace and bows.


Yellow outfit
Summer finally arrived - the sort of summer we're used to so far north. Dress from Noa Noa, tights from Cubus and cardigan from H&M.

I went to England to see a good friend. It was a really lovely holiday. Vintage blazer, Tjallamalla shorts, H&M blouse and Topshop shoes.

Had a picnic with my little sister in a field full of buttercups. Dress from Traffic People.


Most of the time I was working, but I also found the time to enjoy summer. Skirt from H&M, blouse from Noa Noa, shoes from Topshop, tights from American Apparel and Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

I also manged to turn my days around - staying up in the night, taking pictures in the midnight sun. Dress from H&M, tights from Cubus, shoes from Chie Mihara and a flower crown from a flower shop.

Straw boater
I bought a straw boater hat. Skirt from Gina Tricot and blouse from Vero Moda.

Pink umbrella
And fixed a vintage playsuit I'd purchased months earlier. Top underneath from Benetton and parasol from Kremerhuset.


In the tree
In August we had lovely, warm weather for three weeks. Then it's nice to sit in trees and just relax. Dress from Vero Moda.

And just enjoy the last weeks of summer. Shirt from H&M, shorts from Tjallamalla and shoes from Topshop.

I took advantage of the sales and got this lovely dress from Lover. Shoes from Noa Noa.


Plaid jacket
In September it quickly got colder. My aunt gave me this vintage jacket that I still haven't fixed. Skirt and tights from Gina Tricot.

My boyfriend also came to see me. Sweater from Cala, skirt and tights from H&M and shoes from Topshop.

I bought this wool, long sleeved playsuit from Sea NY, which is great for colder weather. Tights from H&M and shoes from Noa Noa.


Autumn woods
My boyfriend and I went for a walk in the cold woods. Shirt from Bikbok, playsuit from Primark, tights from my boyfriend's mom and shoes from Benetton.

Soon the mountains were covered in snow. Skirt and cardigan from Gina Tricot, scarf from my grandmother.

Red hat
I bought a fun hat from H&M, which I hope to be able to wear more. Top and tights from Oasis, skirt from H&M and boots from Bronx.


Black and white
In November life got really stressful due to my thesis. Blouse from Vero Moda, shoees from Din sko and skirt from Asos.

Red tights
I tried to wear bright colors more as the days got shorter. Jacket, tights, and skrirt from H&M, shoes from Noa Noa and beret from my sister.


Hanukkah outfit
This is the only outfit I have to show for December, which has been such a long, dark, uninspired and cold month. Skirt from H&M, cardigan from Oasis and tights from Topshop.

I suppose all that remains is to wish all of you, my lovely readers, a wonderful, inspiring and eventful new year!