Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Three lovely things

1. Sandy and the 1000 paper cranes.


I don't know how many of you have heard of Sandy and her crane project - I myself only learned about it a few days ago - but I think it's such an inspiring and wonderful project that needs to get some more attention. After reading Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, a true story about a Japanese girl who on her death bed attempted to fold 1000 paper cranes in order to be granted one last wish (according to Japanese folklore), Sandy was so inspired by the story that she herself made up her mind to start making one thousand paper cranes. But that's not all. She decided to write a positive word at the bottom of each crane from a list of a thousand unique words she'd compiled and then place them on different locations, mostly in New Jersey, in order to spread a bit of happiness to the person who happens to find one. Sandy, in addition hopes that those who find a crane, after contacting her, go on to place it at a different place for someone else to find it. I think that's just lovely, and so sweet.

2. A little recipe book I go for my birthday on Sunday.

Recipe book
Recipe book

Such a sweet little book for writing my own recipes in, and hang on the wall or keep inside the little box which may even be cuter than the book itself!

3. Zara's autumn collection

Zara Autumn 2010

I stopped by Zara this evening and I loved so many of the clothes that were out at the moment. There were so many pretty brown and autumn shades, and so much I wanted to buy. The polka dot dress with the peter pan collar I spotted on the website while finding pictures for this collage and I desperately need to find that dress. It's just gorgeous.

On a little side note, Emily posted a guest post on her blog today that I've written on how to bake a honey cake. Go and check it out!