Sunday, 28 February 2010


Blue and black

It's been rainy here for a few days now, and I actually kind of like it since I think I have more outfit choices when it's not as warm (perhaps because that is what I am used to), but I am sure the warmth will come back pretty soon again anyway. I started going to a Hebrew course last week to be able to learn the language. I really like feeling that I understand more and more of what people are saying every day, though I think I am a little lazy not studying as much as I should. I have quite a bit of homework to hand in for tomorrow, so I suppose I need to go and do that...

Blue and blackBlue and black Blue and black
Blue and blackBlue and black

Tights from Accessorize, shoes by SixtySeven and everything else from H&M

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

An Education.

An education

On the plane last week I watched "An Education", which is a movie that I need to add to my favorites since it is simply brilliant: 60s nostalgia, haircuts and hairstyles, dresses and coats, well dressed men, Paris and London - what more can you ask for? Carey Mulligan is so beautiful as Jenny in the movie, and I think both her and Peter Sarsgaard play their roles wonderfully. If you haven't seen "An Education" yet, I absolutely think you should.

An educationAn educationAn educationAn educationAn educationAn educationAn educationAn educationAn educationAn education

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Pink balloon.


I've been meaning to blog since I got here on Tuesday, but I've been too busy enjoying being with my boyfriend again and celebrating his birthday, enjoying the warm weather and getting somewhat settled (though we still haven't moved into our apartment). It's been quite strange to go from -10 degrees to around 28 degrees Celsius, at least for Tassus who has never experienced such warm weather. He keeps sweating every time we go for walks, so he really has to get used to these temperatures, I think.


50s vintage dress, shoes from Chie Mihara and the hair band is a gift.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Miu miu, miu miu, miu miu....


I got a Miu Miu bow! It's been my dream bag for the last two years so I'm so happy to finally own one - and in the color I've always been lusting after as well! I'm moving in just nine days (very scary!) so my house is a mess at the moment: boxes, clothes and things everywhere... I'm trying to decide what to leave behind, what to bring and what to send and that's no easy task when you have so many things. Oh, and to those of you who've been asking: I am not moving to Israel for forever, but for a few years, I suppose.

miu miu bag and girl
Miu Miu bow bag
girl and dog

(my tights are wet because I fell in the snow)

Blouse, skirt and tights from H&M, shoes from sixtyseven and bag by Miu Miu,