Sunday, 21 March 2010

Good morning....

... except it not really being morning anymore at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. However, I woke up late and to me it sort of still feels like morning. I love days when I have nothing in particular to do and I can have a long breakfast: today I had spicy toast with cheese, tomatoes and basil and drank green tea with stevia leaves (a natural and healthy sweetener so much sweeter than sugar. I am so thrilled that I found a stevia plant since I was under the impression that they've been banned nearly everywhere due to the immensely powerful sugar industry).
toast and tea

I also love having enough time to spend as much time as I want getting dressed, and rummaging through my closet sorting my clothes. This is what I am wearing today.

window sill
window sill
window sill

Now I am going out to buy some groceries and make tortillas for my boyfriend when he comes back from university.

I also wanted to say that you are all so sweet for continuing to read my blog even if my updates are quite inconsistent and even if I have not been very good at commenting back on your blogs lately. I really appreciate all of you :)