Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Settling in.

Yesterday I thought my head was going to explode from all the information I was given at the school I'll be teaching at. I'm sure you've all experienced something like that at one point or another - it's like your brain's capacity is used up and it's impossible to take in any new information. Therefore I felt quite nervous and scared of it all after I was done and was not quite sure what I'd got myself into. Though today was an easy day where I had time to ask what I missed yesterday and sit down and read through the books I'll be using and other information. Quite a relieving situation.

I'm quite happy in this little apartment that I have here. My only regret is that I brought too few cardigans as it's quite cold. I am a terrible packer! 
At least I think the shoe selection that I have here is adequate for my needs, even if I only took five pairs with me.
Left to right: Dinsko, Topshop, Bronx, Benetton and Noa Noa.