Saturday, 19 June 2010

Yarkon Park

Yarkon park

On Tuesday evening, my boyfriend and I went to Yarkon Park, which is a massive park in Tel Aviv. We'd planned on going there for quite some time, but due to my boyfriend being extremely busy with his final project in architecture it was always canceled. I had been to the edges of this park before, but not ventured deep into it like this time. Being there was absolutely wonderful with the enormous green lawns, trees growing sideways so that one can easily sit in them, and a lovely lake with boats and ducks. Somehow, it reminded me of being in a completely different country. We both agreed that we need to go back there again, especially to rent a boat and sail in the lake which is in the park, or to just have a little picnic there - something this park is surely perfect for.

yarkon park
Cannon ball

Yarkon park Boyfriend

Yarkon park
Dog in a tree
Girl by the water