Wednesday, 24 September 2008


The last few days I've been buying and stocking up on warm socks, tights, a scarf, gloves and a beret for the cold season with money that I got for my birthday... and I am very pleased with my find, although I don't feel that I am quite set yet. I still need more tights, which I can never get enough of. However, I am desperately looking for white tights, but I have only come across them in the H&M children's department (yet, only in too small sizes), so I hope they will get more of them eventually. They have so many nice tights in the children's department at H&M, which are both cheaper and seem to have much better quality than those they sell in the regular H&M, so I'm going to buy my tights there as long as they stock pretty ones that I want. The gray tights you can see in the picture below are also from H&M young. It seems like the colours I'll be wearing are mustard yellow and gray, for the most part.

White socks from H&M, gray tights from H&M, yellow acryllic scarf from Mexx, and gray acryllic beret and gloves from H&M.

I really want a knit cardigan as well. I spotted some in a shop from Norwegian designer Siv Elise Seland that I fell in love with because of the pretty colours and at the same time the traditional Norwegian pattern. However, I'm not sure if I can afford one at the moment... maybe I'll try to budget it in next month.

Ah, I just think it's lovely to be (almost) all set for the cold weather. What about all of you? Are you set, and what, if anything, are you still missing?

Last, but not least, I was tagged by the brilliant Marisa with the Gold Card with which I can buy anything I want in the world...

I would first of all like to buy myself a fabulous, big apartment in either Stockholm, London, Paris, or New York, but since the credit card is unlimited, why not in all four places? Then I would also decorate it the way I want, without having any economical restictions at all.

Also, I would love to go on a worldwide travel... there are so many places I want to visit - I want to go nearly everywhere.

I also want to complete my wardrobe with a lot of classical and high quality pieces that I can have for years and years.

For a long time I've also been wanting an excellent camera, so I would definitely get that, too. And I suppose some other technical things, like a new computer would be great.

What else? Yes, I would finally get my driver's license. I think it's quite bad to be 24 and not have one yet...

I guess I should also be noble and donate some of the money to worthy causes, and make sure that my family is financially set for life.

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