Monday, 26 April 2010

In the garden of flowers.


Or rather in the playground of flowers, to be precise. There is a really pretty playground/park near my boyfriend's parent's house where I really enjoy going because it's always so quiet and beautiful with a lot of shadow casting trees, darling flowers and little benches to sit on. I decided to wear my new dainty and white summery Zara dress yesterday in the warm sunshine, which was, together with my straw hat, perfect for a little stroll. I can feel it getting warmer and warmer by the day here, and I wonder what it'll be like in the summer as it is already really hot already, in April. I was a little upset today when I realized that my arms have begun to tan despite wearing a high SPF every day as I really do not like to be tan. I guess the only way to avoid that is to wear long sleeves - though knowing me, that will be impossible, so I suppose I'll just have to live with it. Though one thing I must do is to buy myself a bigger sun hat as the brim of the one I have and the one I'm wearing in the pictures is not big enough to shade my face as much as I need it to. That's quite a pity since I really love it so much and would like to wear it every day.


Dress from Zara, vintage hat, sunglasses from Prego, and shoes from Kipper.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Bows, lace and grids.


Yesterday I went on a little shopping trip to Tel Aviv, which was lovely. I really need to go there more since I feel that I need to get to know the city better, but I rarely have the time. Nevertheless, I managed to snag a few pieces which I am extremely pleased about....

Lace dress
Lace dress
Lace dress

A white summery lace dress from Zara. I am absolutely and completely smitten with it, and it is such a little treasure. In my next post I will be wearing this.

Bow shirt

A bow t-shirt from Zara. Bows are nearly impossible to say "no" to.


A bow hair band from American Apparel. I had a similar bow hair band from Topshop a couple of years ago, but it's gone missing so I was happy to replace it with this one. Unfortunately the picture doesn't do it much justice.


And finally, some tights with grids on from American Apparel. I had actually set out to buy some heart shaped tights, but I thought these were so much more impressive, and architectural (which means that my boyfriend was quite amazed by them as well).


PS: I apologize for not really replying to comments lately - I have no other excuse but laziness - but I will start replying to them tomorrow. Right now I must surrender to the sandman. Yawn.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Little river.


Yesterday I went on a little day trip to somewhere very pretty in the north of Israel (which I've forgotten the name of - shame on me!), and had a lovely time. There was a little river there which was wonderful to walk in, and the water was a little cold, but still very refreshing. I wish I were able to go on trips more, at the moment my boyfriend's too busy with his studies... Oh, maybe in a few weeks...


Blouse from H&M and shorts from Zara.

Before I forget: You can now follow me on Twitter here. It's quite silly, I've had an account there for over a year, but only decided to start using it a few days ago. Let's see if I can keep it up!

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Window sill

I've been feeling really sad for a few days now as my parents, who were supposed to come and visit me on Thursday, are probably not going to be able to come at all due to the volcano eruption on Iceland. I had looked forward to them coming so much; spending time with them, showing them where we live, going places with them and them meeting my boyfriend's family and also getting a whole suitcase of my things that they were bringing from home. It's terribly, terribly upsetting and I have no idea when they would be able to come.

Window sillWindow sill Window sill

To cheer myself up a little I bought this belt with a little bicycle on it from a little boutique. I think it looks adorable.


Sweater from Cala, shorts from Topshop and tights from Accessorize.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Beams of sun through the treetops.

My two week passover holiday from my Hebrew course is coming to an end in a couple of days which means no more getting up at 11 or 12, but at a terribly unholy hour. I cannot say that I am looking forward to that because knowing myself, I have the worst time adjusting myself to getting up early, but changing my routine to getting up late (and staying up late) is easy peasy. Strange, isn't it? Nevertheless, I am trying to enjoy my last couple of days of vacation - and after posting this, I plan to on a little biking trip! How are all of you doing these days?


Playsuit from Dahlia, cardigan from Zara, shoes from Topshop and hairband from Bianco.