Friday, 20 August 2010

Long time no see!

Little stream

I didn't intend not to update my blog in nearly two weeks, but after I came back to Israel up until now my boyfriend was busy preparing for his final project in architecture (he's now officially an architect - hurray!) and couldn't help me take photos. Naturally, I could have thought of a post where I could have taken the photos myself, but I wasn't feeling very inspired since I feel a little sad being back here (being home made me realize that I really miss being in Norway).

This post was not meant to sound completely depressing - I do feel better now as the last couple of days we've been able to spend all our time together and that's been wonderful. I have also begun teaching my boyfriend Norwegian which I think is a lot of fun - especially since he is a clever student!

Dogs playing
Tree leanStraws

Shorts, socks and hair band from H&M, blouse from Noa Noa and shoes from Zara.