Saturday, 1 May 2010



Yesterday, after my boyfriend had finished a test he had dreaded for ages, we drove to Tel Aviv together in order to do something fun together which we had not done in a long time due to him having been studying. I also wanted to look for a sun hat, but I had no luck. I need a big, floppy 70s style sun hat which will keep the sun away from my face completely, but for some strange reason that's something I can't find in Israel. I think I might have to resort to finding it on Ebay...
Nevertheless, we had a lovely day together and bought some delicious macarons to celebrate that my boyfriend is nearly done with his architecture studies.


We got a couple of eclairs for free from the pastry shop, but since I'm not fond of eclairs my boyfriend had both of them


I hope all of you are doing well and having a great weekend.
Oh! I wanted to ask you: How do you feel about bigger pictures? For me they look a lot better on the computers I use, but are all of you able to view them?

(I had to remove the pictures I'd posted of my boyfriend because he didn't like himself in them).