Monday, 10 May 2010

A tour of our apartment.

I've been wanting to show pictures of the apartment me and my boyfriend live in for quite some time, but not until recently have I felt that it's come together the way I've been wanting it to. Despite the fact that it doesn't have as many things as I'm used to having around me (and I doubt we'll get much more since we may only be living here for another year, or maybe two) I really like living here especially because it's spacious and the view is really pretty. Enough talking, come on in!


One enters through this door, and then one some of our shoes (mostly mine) and my coats, jackets and bags. To the right is the living room:
Living roomSofa

Most of the furniture is from IKEA, but that's okay since IKEA is great. Now some details:
Cherries and candles
Candles and a bowl with cherries on the table.

ShelfFlower treeLula magazine
A shelf with a plant that looks like a tree, books, and my Lula magazines.

We have an inserted balcony, if you will. It's just the windows of the living room that can be opened all the way, but it feels almost like a real balcony and and having all the plants, flowers and herbs outside really add to that feeling.

I love the view.

Kitchen Cook booksPasta
To the left of the entrance is the kitchen....

...but if one continues straight ahead there is the eating area:
Eating area

and further on, there is the bedroom:
Tassus has his own spot to sleep next to the bed!


The other side of the wall has a big wardrobe. Let's take a look inside some of it:

And the bathroom with all my skin products and make-up:

There is also a guest room/study which is right now occupied by my parents who are visiting me, so there will be pictures of that another time. The reason for my lack of blogging lately is because I've been too busy showing them around, and having fun with them. I am so glad they finally made it here!

Thank you for the visit :)