Friday, 14 August 2009

What I want this autumn.

Like so many others I have also begun pondering about what I want this autumn, clothes vise, and I decided to create a little set on polyvore of the items I want.

1. A pretty cape. I want a nice and flowing wool one, in either navy, red or black. Maybe with a hood as well. I've actually been wanting a cape for a few years now, but I have yet to find the perfect one.

2. This tartan cross body bag from Topshop. It reminds me of something I had as a little girl, and I think it looks really cute.

3. Some pretty over-knee socks (that are long enough to wear with suspenders). I really like these sheer ones from American Apparel.

4. This blazer from the Divided Exclusive collection. I want it so badly, and really hope that I can get my hands on it. There are also some matching shorts, which I also want. It's going to be amazing to have a great suit like that!

5. A blue and white stripe top. I have tops with red and black stripes, on white, but I think I need one with blue stripes as well. It's such a classic piece and versatile piece.

6. A pencil skirt. If it has braces like this one from American Apparel, that would be fantastic as well, since I want a skirt with that, too.

7. These tights from Up Factory. I think they're so quirky and lovely. Though I don't know if I'd actually get them since they are a bit on the pricey side. Speaking of tights, I need some red ones, too.

8. A minidress with long sleeves. I know that this is a playsuit, and not a romper, but it gives the illusion of a dress a little bit, I think (and is also so beautiful). I couldn't really find any other good picture to illustrate it with.

What about you then? Which pieces of clothing do you have on your wish lists for this autumn?