Sunday, 3 January 2010

Sales shopping finds.

When I went to see what the what the sales had to offer I never expected to find so many things that I couldn't leave behind since I try to be quite restrictive in what I decide to purchase.

new buys

At Bianco I found a lovely navy, and simple bow hairband (not shown well on the picture) that was too cute to pass up.
Then I went to Accessorize, where there were also lots of pretty things on sale. Pretty underwear, tights, and adorable hair pieces. Thinking about it, I always tend to buy underwear from Accessorize whenever there is a sale, and tights are the one thing I always feel compelled to buy since I wear them so much.

red lace up shoes

The shoes I probably would not have bought had I not in the last minute decided to check out a shoe shop that was closing down. I simply could not leave either of these pairs behind. Both of them have such beautiful color and are so easy to walk in, I adore the heels and the buckle on the brown pair and the red ones are so striking (I was just a bit hesitant about the wedge), and I'm really looking forward to wearing them when it gets less slippery outside! It also doesn't hurt that they were about 70 percent off.

brown oxfords

Have you done any sales shopping yet?