Saturday, 19 July 2008

Babydoll dress and apple muffins.

I haven't blogged in a week now - which is quite some time, but I have my reasons. I've been working a lot, and not doing much else than that... something that has resulted in me having no inspiration whatsover to write a somewhat decent post. I rather prefer not to write at all over forcing myself to write.
Today has been nice though, since I only worked until noon and had time to drop by the city centre after work to pick up my new contact lenses, hand in some books at the library, and drop by a friend with her belated birthday present. To my joy, I also found out that a pair of Bronx shoes I've been eyeing are going to be on sale from Monday.
They also come in white, black and light pink/beige, but I think I like the gray.

I wore a babydoll dress, tights and a shirt from H&M, shoes from Din Sko and a bow from Glitter.

I also found the time to do some baking as I'm going away to the countryside on the weekend. I baked some delicious apple and cinnamon muffins that I found a receipt for in 'Skinny Bitch in the Kitch' - meaning that they are healthy and vegan.


HANNAH-ZOË said...

i Really like those shoes, they are very unique and cool. I also like your stockings they look very warm and cozy!
P.S. thank you so much for linking me, I do appreciate it:)

Alice Point said...

That baby doll dress is so cute. It looks perfect with shirt from h&m:)
Last month I was thinking about these shoes from Bronx - I like it too. But the heel is too high for me;) I prefer very very comfortable shoes;)

Marissa said...

this dress is wonderful <3 red is cute ;)

kasiaczek said...

I love baby doll dress!! You look beautiful:))

Wendy said...

Your outfit is the epitome of cuteness!

♥ fashion chalet said...

thanks for your comment!!!~
LOVE that pink bow in your hair <3

David K said...

Feed me a muffin! Feed me a Muffin!

Anonymous said...

so lovely dress :)

carrie / wishwishwish said...

I really like that dress, its so pretty. and the shoes! I've seen similar in white and really like them.
Have a nice time in the country side.

Ida said...

Wow, the shoes are super cute. Did you buy them?

Love the babydoll, too, particularly with the tights. Lovely look.

Sassy said...

Oh, shit! Du var ju otroligt fin! Klänningen med prickar, spets och allt, rosetten i hå!

Ariella said...

Hannah-Zoë: No problem, I'm happy to. Your blog is really nice!
Alice: Thank you :) I like comfortable shoes too, but lately I've been into heels. When then heel is chunky, they're not too hard to walk in!
Marissa: Thank you ;)
kasiaczek: Thank you too - you're too kind!
Wendy: That's such a nice compliment!
Fashion chalet: Haha, thanks.
David: I don't have any left now, sadly, but you can have one when I make more.
i.presley: thanks!
Carrie: The shoes do come in white, too!
Ida: You're so sweet :) Yes, I did buy the shoes, but not in that colour... I'll do a post on them later.
Sassy: å, tusen takk!

Lee Vicious said...

cupcakes! : )
I love cupcakes ^^

you've got amazing 'something' on your hair ^^

Anonymous said...

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best regard

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