Wednesday, 13 August 2008

London, day four.

The fourth day, Saturday, in London was nice. In the morning I went shopping a little on my own, and then my boyfriend and I did nice things together the rest of the day...

My breakfast at our hotel that day - porridge.

After shopping when I met up with my boyfriend, we went to the British museum, which was really nice. Unfortunately we didn't have much time, but many of the exhibitions were very interesting.

Afterwards we walked towards the Covent Garden area...

I bought some tea at 'The Tea House'. I'm such a tea-lover, and they had a great selection of tea, which was so much cheaper than in Norway.

In the evening we went to 'Ed's easy diner', which was like an original 50's style American diner. So fun. They even had tiny jukeboxes on every table where you could pick songs from the 50's. I had a mint milkshake and a vegetarian bean burger, and my boyfriend ate a frankfurter sausage. It was really tasty, too.


♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you! <3

I want to revisit London, you are having so much fun (and looking just as chic!) And that burger/shake combo looks amazingly good right now! <3

Ida said...

Hey, adorable!

OMG, this looks like such an amazing trip! I have never been to London, and now I am literally longing to go. The weather was perfection, as I can see, and you wore the loveliest outfits. I really loved the romantic white summer dress with the dark tights from the previous post as well as the puffy skirt from this one. It is such a pleasure to see you looking super stylish while being a tourist because, you know, most people... Fascinating!

And to answer your question, I have a Nikon D40, and am really happy with it. Still, I photoshop all of the pictures in order to resize them. Lately, though, it has become too time-consuming *lol*

Have a good day!

Regine said...


åh så masse fine bilder. den 50tallskafeen var jo bare rå-kul!! =)

Fashion Addict said...

London seems like such a fun place to go shopping at. " and then my boyfriend and I did nice things together the rest of the day..." that sounds so refreshing in a city like London. Luck you!

BTW, I enjoy reading your blog and I was wondering if you would consider doing a link exchange with me, so please let me know!

carrie / wishwishwish said...

that diner looks really great! where was it?
i've never been to that museum!

Thumbelina said...
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Victoria-Olivia said...

Looks like you had fun! I love london, luckily I'm not to far from there. You brought some lovely things too!

Ariella said...

fashion chalet: oh, thank you...
Ida: Haha, yes, you should definitely go. I can definitely imagine changing the photos in photoshop to be time consuming - just upoading mine to fickr is, I think.
Regine: Takk, takk.
Fashion addict: Oh, i'd love to trade links with you. I'll contact you on your blog :)
Carrie: That diner wasn't very far from Covent Garden, in Soho. This is their website:
Marisa: Thanks! I'll put you up right away! I'm already back from London actually... I'm just a bit slow uploading all my pictures, haha.
Victoria- Olivia: Lucky you. I wish I could live in London!

sydneydoll said...

this is scuh a cute blog.

im going to london in january.
i love those 50s places
thank you ill definitely make sure i stop by there.

this is such a cute blog.
im happy i found it

Sassy said...

Åh, nu längtar jag tillbaka till London ännu mer!

Vilket tufft 50-talshak!

ivoreece said...

I've never been in London but I want so much! Your pictures are so amazing! :)

Dave K said...

Edburgers! Gotta love 'em!

Kate said...

Do you have a better picture of the outfit you're wearing in this post? I think it's my favorite of yours so far ;)

Anonymous said...

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