Friday, 3 October 2008

Thoughts, gloves and a tag.

This has been a really stressful week at the teaching work experience I'm doing at a school, with lots of planning and work. It really takes so much time, but it is also very interesting and I do think I like it a lot. It's just very demanding - more than I ever imagined with all the planning that's needed, and just being a teacher, and talking. You wouldn't believe how sore my throat felt after giving my first lesson this week. I do suppose it's something you get used to, though. Hopefully at least. Next week, and onward, will be even more difficult, as I'll be doing all the teaching on my own. I am, luckily, also excited for it.

I decided to treat myself to a nice pair of leather gloves from Bianco this week. They're perfect, in my opinion, and I especially love the zipper on them, which make them a little special.


A while ago I was tagged by Sidney Doll to list six quirky facts about myself, so here I go:

- Every morning (for quite a few months now) I eat buckwheat porridge with warm soy milk for breakfast. It's just so good, warm and filling.

- I used to love languages even more than I do now when I was younger. When I was 14 I went to an evening French course, and read heavy linguist books.

- I am terrified of birds, which many people think is an awkward phobia. I don't mind little birds so much (I just wouldn't want to get too near them), but bigger birds, especially pigeons are so disgusting, and I sometimes have to do detours to avoid them... However, other people seem to mind that more than I do. The thing is, I also don't want to try to cure this phobia, since I under no circumstances want to get closer to these disgusting birds.

- I tend to wake up with a sore throat, feeling clogged up and unable to breathe well in the morning. It's incredibly annoying.

- I have a habit of being really interested in a particular subject for a period of time, almost to the point of obsession, causing me to read up on it, and learning a lot about it. After some time though, the interest slowly fades, and an interest in something else might awake. At the moment I don't think I have a burning interest for anything (if we don't count fashion in), but around three - four years ago I was really interested in the Holocaust, for a long long time (and I cannot say that I'm not interested in it anymore either).

- I cannot remember the last time I wore trousers. I as good as always wear skirts or dresses. It's just so much more comfortable, I think.

1) Link who tagged you.
2) Post the rules.
3) List 6 quirky unknown facts, or little known facts about you.
4) Tag 6 fellow bloggers.

I hereby tag: Q's daydream, Hannah-Zoe of Butterflykisses, Amber of History Books, Sea and Char of Fashionsqueah, Marissa of Marissa Fashion and Valentine of Mode Parisienne.


♥ fashion chalet said...

I loved filling out the quirks! :)

Thanks for the comment and compliment, dear. You NEED to see SABRINA. Trust me! ;)

xo/ fashion chalet

Nancy said...

Those are the most beautiful leather gloves I have EVER seen! I'm trying to find a pair myself, but no luck =|

Sydneydoll said...

hope you feel better!

i could never teach
it would be SOOO demanding as you said.

Caroline said...

give me those gloooooves!

Alice Point said...

Gloves are cool! I want to have the same!!! :)

Lavender said...

Beautiful gloves. I wish women still wore gloves everyday, not just when it was cold.

Nemerae said...

Yep, I love the green dress too =)
Nice gloves! my mum have ones very similar but in black, I love them haha
Have a nice weekend ;)

Anjeanette said...

Great gloves! The zippers really add to them! Wish I could wear gloves in Los Angeles!

nv said...

love those gloves. leather and zippers? it cant get any better than that :P

etoilee8 said...

My older sisters boyfriend is crazy obsessive about whatever his current interests is. For the last year he's been stuck on smoking salmon. . . which we all happen to enjoy quite a bit :)

an92 said...

ooo love your gloves!

Regine said...

oh. dødsfine hansker!!

Svar: åh, det e lenge då å ikkje få se han før jul! men, då har du ihvertfall noke å glede deg kjempemasse til:)

Håper du har hatt ei fin helg så langt.

beccajanie said...

I am all about gloves and these ones are fabulous - I love the zipper!

I highly recommend that cookbook - it's so easy (although there are some more difficult 'gourmet cupcake' recipes too) and the results are reliably delicious.

Sunniva said...

Åååh så fine hansker! Har lenge ønsket meg slike så tror jeg får prøve å grave litt i lommeboken neste gang jeg er på Bianco ;)

Lykke til med undervisningen da! Du får det nok til kjempe bra siden det virker som om du virkelig brenner for det. Det smitter av og får folk interessert :)

HANNAH-ZOË said...

Thanks for the tag! i will do it soon and let you know when it's up. i didn't know you are learning to be a teacher it must be hard you must be smart!

yiqin; said...

OMG the gloves are PERFECT! Leather & zips.. mmhmm!

Valentine said...

hi! thanks for the tag.. it was really fun! :-) it seems like everyone's pretty busy these days-- and much like you I treated myself to something special as well.. though nothing as lovely as your gloves! I love the color!

Q's Daydream said...

Thanks so much for the tag! I'll get to it as soon as I can. Love the gloves!!! :o)

FashionSqueah! said...

Thanks so much for the tag! I'm going to get on with it tonight and have my little quirks up soon! Those gloves are amazing by the way, leather gloves are just so glamourous and the zips are perfect! Char x

Rosé Ghislain Magritte said...

Oh, my mother has almost the same gloves. But no zippers! Yours clearly are much more perfect. :)

mary lee said...

omg, i have the same thing with birds! i HATE them! one time my cat dragged in a bird that wasn't dead yet, so it flew around in our living room. i had a heart attack. my dad wanted me to help me catch it and i was just like, no way in hell i'm getting near that thing.. haha

Ladybird said...

nice gloves!