Thursday, 26 February 2009


This was a lot of fun, and here are the answers to your questions!

Moi Luna: If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be and what would you do? That's such a difficult question - which I have been trying to think through, but I haven't been able to come up with a good answer. Nevertheless, I would want to be some historical person, to be able to experience history I've only ever read about myself. I don't know if I would even need to be some famous historical person since I think just being there would be special enough. Therefore I wouldn't really want to do anything in particular - I would just want to observe, take in.

Mo: How on earth do you handle the long distance relationship? It is difficult, and especially now after being with my boyfriend for two and a half years we both feel that we've had enough of this situation. So far I have been able to handle the distance pretty well - I think because I knew, going into this relationship, that it was going to be like that. I didn't have any other expectations, and I therefore adjusted to the situation. But like I said, we don't want it to continue like this for a lot longer and we are planning to move together - which isn't the simplest thing when you live in such different countries.

Zoë: What kind of literature do you like? I really wish I read more since I love reading when I have a good book to read. I'm just not good at finding them. (hint, hint: book recommendations are very welcome!) That said, I like novels where you really feel a deep connection with the characters, whimsical and somewhat strange novels, but also historical novels (novels set in a history, mind you, not those that go on and on about historical fact and bore you to death). A few years ago I kept reading a lot of novels about the Holocaust, which I was really interested in, for instance, and this is one novel that I really liked.

Curiositist: Have you had any fairy tale which inspired you in your childhood? This one is difficult too since it's hard to remember. I know that I definitely liked fairy tales a lot when I was a little girl. Any fairy tale that involved princesses!

(Picture by Maya Bird)
Sam: If you could choose, in which city would you want to live and it wouldn't cost you anything? Paris, maybe? Or London? Stockholm? Even if I would love to live in all these places I don't know if I would permanently want to do that - but having an apartment in any of these places that I could visit whenever I wanted to would be incredible.

Beckylou: What's your dream job? As some of you probably know, I'm going to become a teacher, which I enjoy and think is fun. That's the plan, and I don't have very long left until I'm done but from time to time I dream about doing something different since teaching seems too ordinary. I want to do something exciting, like maybe be a designer. The problem is that I feel too old to start something new now, but the bigger problem is that I can't sew or draw. It's just a silly dream I guess.

Zoe: What age did you realise you loved fashion? I think that's something which has grown gradually, but I only really started being interested in fashion in it self, not just nice clothes and shopping, some years ago.

Caiushia: How much time on average do you spend shopping/looking for clothes: I most definitely spend a lot more time just looking at or for clothes than actively shopping. I spend quite a lot of my time browsing different websites, ebay, or etsy without actually buying anything - usually an hour or so a day. I don't go shopping that often since I buy a lot of my clothes online, and how much I go depends on how much time I have... but maybe once a week (though not necessarily buying anything)?

Izzyinwonderland: How do you keep your hair so beautiful? Well, thanks first of all! I don't use very many special products, if that's what you had in mind. Every other week or so I use a lecithin and coconut hair masque from Kiehl's which makes my hair really soft, and I use L'oreal silver shampoo about once a week to avoid my hair getting yellowish. Other than that, any kind of shampoo and conditioner that I pick up when I go grocery shopping.

Dooder City: Favorite color and why? Green. I've always said that green's my favourite colour, perhaps because it reminds me of summer and deep forests? 

Becca Jane: Do you have any fashion "muses"- anyone whose style you admire? If so, who? Hmm, I wouldn't refer to any of them as muses because it would feel just a little strange though I greatly admire the style of Sandra from Niotillfem, as well as other bloggers with impeccable style. 

Notebookdoodles: What do you like to do in your spare time? Socializing, spending too much time on the internet, blogging, watching films, cooking and lazing around.

Elizabeth: What is your favorite thing about fashion? Probably that it's so versatile, creative and can be interpreted in so many different ways. 

Britney: What got you into fashion? I can't point to a particular thing that triggered my interest in it since it's something that's gradually developed. It's probably a combination of other people and the media.

Raquel: Where do you wish to live? With my boyfriend!

Much love: What's the best thing about blogging? Being able to express ideas and thoughts to such a broad and diverse audience. Writing down my ideas and thoughts, and seeing what other peoples ideas and thoughts are also makes myself think more, and makes me have to define myself to myself in a way that I never had before. It makes me more aware of what my likes and dislikes are.

Amalie: When did you first develop an interest in fashion and when did you start having your own style without following mainstream fashion? I think I answered the first part of this question in some way or another further up, so I won't try to elaborate on it again. Starting blogging has really helped me develop my own style I'd say. I suppose only a year or a little more ago, I would still follow mainstream fashion - not embracing every trend possible - but I definitely cared about being trendy as opposed to committing to my own style because there were so many different trends out there that I liked. I may from time to time like clothes that I wouldn't consider being my style now, but I wouldn't buy it since it wouldn't correspond with it.

Couture Carrie: How long have you been blogging and what are your must see blogs? Around a year or so. I really love the Niotillfem blog. Sandra is such an amazing writer, and I love reading about her life, seeing her pictures and so on. I can read her blog for hours and never get bored reading old posts again and again. I also like the Cherryblossomgirl a lot because it's like stepping into a fairy tale world.

Maria G: What do you like best about blogging and what less? What places do you like best? What I like best is being able to express myself and document parts of my life, and what I don't like so much is the fact that it is sometimes hard to find inspiration. My favourite places are my hometown in the summer, London, Paris, Sweden, and Israel.

Demi: What is your favourite season? How would you describe yourself in three words? Summer, most definitely. I also like pretty, sunny autumn days when all the colours are so pretty. I would describe myself  in three words as friendly, dreamy and stubborn.

Regine: What kind of music do you listen to? Do you have any siblings? Where do you mostly shop? What kind of perfume do you use? I like to listen to the Kings of Leon, Radiohead, the Kinks, the Killers, Regina Spektor the Fray, the Kooks and Paolo Nutini, among others. I have three younger siblings - two sisters who are 20 and 14 and a brother who's 18. I buy a lot of my clothes online - on ebay. I love discovering unique clothing there. Otherwise I shop a lot at H&M, and I like Noa Noa a lot for their delicate clothes. I have three perfumes that I alternate between - Chloé, Anna Sui Secret Wish and Comme des garcons. 

Ruxandra: In your childhood, who was your idol? Do you have a special place that you could stay forever and still not get enough of it? What are your favourite 3 pieces in your wardrobe and why? I was a huge, huge Hanson fan when I was about 13-15 (I still like them, just not in a crazy way)... I don't know if that qualifies as childhood, really. When I was a little girl I was really mesmerized in the characters in Astrid Lindgren's books, and the film depictions thereof. I loved 'Pippi Longstocking', 'Madicken', 'Ronia the Robber's daughter' and 'The children of noisy village' since they seemed to have so much fun and lived in the old days - something that's always fascinated me. 
I would love to answer that I do have a special place I would never get enough of, but no matter how much I twist and turn my mind nothing pops up. I have to say that I do love the tranquility I feel when I go for walks in the woods back home, something I could do for hours, but I could not stay there forever. 
My three most beloved pieces in my wardrobe are this and this dress, and these shorts.

Andrea: I'm not sure I have a specific question for you, but I like to see blogger's beauty routines, what products they use and recommend, what perfume, etc. I wrote a little bit about my beauty routine in this tag post - it's probably easier to take a look there. I have to say that I love Mac makeup and couldn't recommend it enough.

I.d: Who is your favourite fashion designer? Oh, it's completely impossible to choose just one. I love Marc Jacobs, Sonia Rykiel, Chloe, Cacharel, Eley Kishimoto, Miu Miu...

Aggy: Favourite outfit: That I have worn myself? Maybe this one, this one or this one?

Twobreadsplease: What's your favourite type of cake? Chocolate, or brownie. I also love carrot, apple and spice cake. 


Raquel said...

so many! but loved to read all of them. the killers are one of my favourite bands too :) and I guess I could never stay in the same place for ever.

Emily said...

I like your idea about having an apartment in a favorite city that you could visit whenever you wanted. That would be wonderful :)

muchlove said...

These are great answers!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, I loved Pippi Longstocking! And I still love Hanson. It's amazing how they're still making awesome music. I saw them in concert a few years ago, and they were incredible!

Anonymous said...

Ooops, I forgot to tell you about the crumpets. I only looked at a few recipes, but as far as I know, you've got to cook them in the rings on a pan on the stove-top. I guess you could try in a muffin tin, but they have to be cooked on both sides so I don't know how that would work. I had to look at a few different stores before I found the rings. I looked online and these are what you'd need. Trust me, it's worth it. Crumpets are delish!

Regine said...

Bra musikksmak du har!:)
den favorittkjolen din, den blå e jo bare så nydelig!! skjønner at det var en av favorittene. kjekt å lese meir om deg !!

Svar: ja, id sminken e virkelig til å anbefale om du skal ha noke sminke.

curiositist said...

Great answers!
I adored (and still adore!)Astrid Lingren and her characters too!Karlson forever

Vera said...

Love your blog and your outfits are always inspiring! Great to read the answers to those questions. i admire Astrid Lindgren and her work, too.

Q's Daydream said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that spends at least an hour a day window shopping :o)

yiqin; said...

Wow, you want to be a teacher? :) I cant deal wit kids though..

zoe. said...

Thanks for answering my question! I think this was such a good idea :)

Couture Carrie said...

This was such a fabulous idea, darling! I loved reading about you, and I will definitely check out Niotillfem. So cool that you are going to be a teacher - the noblest of professions!


Dooder City said...

love the q and a. i also love green. and chocolate and brownies...i didn't realize you are in a long distance relationship, you are very brave.

Trish said...

Hahaha, I enjoyed reading it!! :)

Ruxandra said...

I really enjoied reading your answers:)Thanks for answering my questions too...I think becoming a teacher is more than great;i tought of this profession too.Can't wait for a new post!

caiushia said...

The answers were a great read!
PS I looove Ronja:)

Twobreadsplease said...

Yes! Chocolate is the best type of cake :) I spend far too much time on the internet aswell but it's just too much fun. And MAC makeup is so yummy, the Mac ladies are always so nice and then I get so filled with glee when they say pleasant things that I buy everything they've pasted onto my face... Haha, sales techniques. It's so lovely that you and your boyfriend are together despite the distance :) xx

Maria G. said...

hello Ariella!! how are you? i could finally sleep a bit more today! thank you for answering all the questions, it was great to know you a bit better :) Have a nice day, greetings!!

It's Aggy bitch! said...

good answers :)!

i.d. said...

Yay thanks for sharing! x

La Fée said...

that picture is beautiful, and great answers!

elizabeth said...

that post was really interesting.. i love learning new things about my favourite bloggers.

have you read the boy in striped pyjamas? it's set in the holocaust and was one of the best books i've ever read.

Anonymous said...


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