Sunday, 26 July 2009

Rhubarb pie.

I love picking and using fresh vegetables in my cooking when I can - it is so much better than buying them at the grocery shop, both taste vise and because you know they're absolutely chemical free.
My parents have lots and lots of rhubarb in their garden, but for some reason no one picks them, so I tried to find out what I could make with them, and decided upon rhubarb pie. Yum!

Rhubarb pie

Do you want to make it as well? It's very easy.

Baking a pie

Make a pie crust consisting of flour, margarine (I used vegan margarine), sugar and some water (how much you need of each depend on the size of your pie mould, but you need quite a bit since you also want to have some left to sprinkle on top of the pie). Mix the sugar and flour together, and then work butter into the dough until you have little chunks of dough, and then add water to bring the dough together.

Pie crust

Put the dough in the refrigerator for around half an hour to cool it down, then roll out the dough, and fit it into your pie mould. Make sure that you cover the edges with dough as well.


Peel rhubarb and cut into approximately 2-3 cm pieces.

Rhubarb pie

Also slice a banana and some strawberries that you add - to make the flavour less sour.

Rhubarb pie

Then sprinkle corn starch, sugar and cinnamon on top, as well as some pie dough crumbles and bake for 30-40 minutes at 180 degrees celcius.

This pie tastes lovely served with vanilla ice cream or cream.


riennahera said...

looks SO nice! I want to make it soon.

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Emmmm, now i need to make this, i love rhubarb!

amanda said...

i've been meaning to give rhubarb a try...i just may have to now after reading your post...

Ruxandra said...

it sounds and looks delicious, dear:)

calla said...

looks delicious!

Piglet said...

Oh I had to read that at morning tea time!
Looks so good!

Mo said...

woo i never tried rhubarb actually...sounds & looks yummy !!

well..I Was...Marty McFly the "kid" from Back to the future :-)

elle s'ennuie said...

I -love- rhubarb pie, and yours looks extra-yummy.
We get rhubarbs in our garden in the country very early in the summer (end of spring, really), so it's kind of like a sign of summer finally being here for me every year. :)

Light Stealer said...

It's a shame I don't really like rhubarb, but the banana-strawberry thing looks yummy (and I love cakes/pies anyway, so...) :P
Maybe I could try with an extra third ingredient... ;)

Baśka said...

yummy! i'll try to make it some day too :)

Anonymous said...

Mmm looks delicious! ;D

Liv said...

Looks niceee. . . sounds delicious.


amyyyyy. said...

Thank you for such a lovely comment, I was having one of those days, and I just felt like my blog was pretty terrible compared to others. I mean, yours is amazing. I'm just a bit lost, and I have no clue what to post on, but I'm determined to get over it! :)

I've never tried rhubarb before, I might have to sometime! :)


Lulapop said...

yuummy the cake looks amazing! I'l try it!!
I feel the same about vegetables=)

Helen said...

oh yum. we used to have a rhubarb plant in our garden too but it's sadly died off :( i used to love having fresh rhubarb crumble!

Louie in Wonderland said...

Garden vegetables are better, your right! Free of chemicals. I would love to have a garden just to grow some veggies :) That looks good, I love photos of food! Thanks for the recipes! :)
Sincerely Louie, Ciao!

Emily said...

I was just picking some vegetables from our garden yesterday (green beans and pea pods). They really are so much better :)

Anonymous said...

Mmm it looks nice! I tottaly agree with you- garden vegetables are soo much better! I sowed some herbs at my balcony but they don't grow very well, I think it's because I'm not the best gardener;)

muchlove said...

looks so good!
I've wanted to taste a rhubarb pie ever since I watched Pushing Daisies - because that was one of the pies they mentioned a lot, haha, and now seeing your post has made me want one even more!

Ambroisine said...

I love rhubarb, it's a bit acid but still delicious :) never tried with cinnamon thx for the recipe !