Thursday, 26 November 2009

My new Zara brogues.


I bought these lovely brogues at Zara when I was in Oslo over the weekend. I love them so much. They have the perfect color, pattern, laces and heel height - just maybe not for me since any heel over about five or six, at the most, centimeters (these are nine centimeters) make my feet hurt after a very short while. I really need to improve in that area.


I will unfortunately not be blogging so much (as you can see already) over the next few weeks since I really must concentrate on my master's thesis due on the 15th of December. But I promise to be blogging a lot once that is all behind me!


cait harri said...

Oh, I love these.

Q's Daydream said...

i adore these!!! Good luck with your work! :o)

Piglet said...

I hunted for shoes exactly like these all last winter but couldn't find any. Too bad we don't have Zara here.
Lucky you!

Christina said...

Best wishes with your thesis!

Fashion Therapist said...

I love those shoes....not only super cute but they look like they'll be comfy to walk in!

Emily said...

These are adorable! I agree, they do have the perfect color, pattern and laces. 9 cm, huh? I tend not to go any higher than 5- 6 cm either, but in some circumstances (like this one!) personal preferences can be adjusted ;)

Wishing you the best as you complete your thesis!

lavender summer said...

Lovely shoes.

Parapluie said...

Oh, they look very chic!

suzannah said...

oh good luck with your thesis dearest! and these shoes are so beautiful, and perfect! ♥

Nadine said...

Die sind wirklich süß :).

Georgie said...

Great shoes, good luck with your thesis!

HoneyBunny said...

They're gorgeous! <3

Lauh said...

i LOVE those shoes. they are just perfect.


Erin Cathleen said...

Cute shoes! So cool that they have Zara in Oslo. We have one in Boston, too; they're everywhere! :)Good luck with your thesis!

M said...

The shoes are beautiful. I simpathyze with your problem though...I can´t bare very high heel shoes. Actually, the only high heel shoes I can manage to put on, are from hush puppies.
Good luck with the thesis!

Pink Flower said...

Great shoes and good luck with your MA! Just finished mine so I feel your pain, have a good weekend!

Daisy said...

Oh wow ! I love them!

Maria Confer said...

They are so beautiful!! Good luck on your thesis!

Sahakiel said...

Gosh, I was thinking about buying them... but today I found a second hand bargain, a pair of original Sonia Rykiel's shoes :D! So... bye bye brogues... but hello, Rykiel's shoes!!

AlicePleasance said...

Beautiful shoes! I'm the same with heels...

Good luck with your thesis!

Mo said...

beautiful shoes indeed ! i totally agree about the heels, i have a pair like that...i can only wear them for some hours and then..i can't walk anymore...

good luck on your master thesis ! you'll be done soon !

Becca Jane said...

Love these shoes!

I send you the best of luck on your thesis! Stressful? But SO worth it to finish! You'll feel amazing!

liv said...

Tusen takk for kommentaren på bloggen min for en stund siden! ^^
Nydelige sko - de var virkelig kjempefine. Og du får ha masse lykke til med masteroppgave og slikt noe! Håper alt går bra :)hbv

chaoskontrolowany said...


muchlove said...

good luck on your master's thesis!!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

These are adorable, I actully loove how they are in brown maks them even more charming!

Raquel said...

i love those brogues, i was tempted to buy them although i don't have much brown clothes and already have a pair of black brogues!
good luck on your master's thesys!

Anonymous said...

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regine. said...

i am finally back in the blogging world, and am glad to see that your blog is still up and running, unlike the other blogs i followed :) i absolutely love your header, who takes your photos? you?

Imogen said...

Good luck with your thesis and I'm looking forward to your return to blogging. I love your new shoes. I am liking brogues more and more ever since I bought my first pair recently.

Bree said...


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Thse shoes are sooo gorgeous!!i want them!

Anonymous said...

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Emma said...

You're almost done yay! I look forward to your post-thesis-post!

irmiana said...

Good luck on your thesis!


Karoline said...

Lovely shoes!

Dina-Dyorre said...

What absolutely wonderful shoes. I must admit I have been searching for a pair of perfect brown brogues for quite some time, but unfortunately nothing has cropped up as of yet :( and I agree, high heels are not for me either!

Mo said...

just a little comment to wish you good luck again for your thesis !

London Shirts said...

These shoes are absolutely gorgeous!

frauenmantel said...

As a girl, i can say that choosing the right fitted shoes is as important as choosing the right purse and jewellery to accessories your ensemble. For me, Size, color and label are three of the top elements. I really loved this shoes. The reason why Zara is so popular contributed to their luscious material and exquisite workmanship.

Adi T. said...

Loved the H&M dress, silver necklace with pearls would look great with this dress.

Anonymous said...

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