Monday, 21 December 2009

My Hanukkah get-together.

On Friday, I had a small get-together with two of my friends and my sister to celebrate the last day of Hanukkah since I had no time to celebrate it while I was busy writing my thesis.


I made some latkes, which were excellent, and something called sambusak (a sort of turnover that I found the recipe to in a cook book of mine), which also turned out excellent. I wish I'd taken some close up pictures of the food, but I forgot to do that.

I wore my new cardigan from Oasis, with this:

Hanukkah outfit
Hanukkah outfit
Cardigan from Oasis, skirt and hair band from H&M, and tights from Topshop.


Maria Confer said...

Looks like a lovely party!! Your polka dot skirt and pearls are so fun!! Love your new cardigan, too.

piglet said...

You look so cute!
I'm glad there are no close up photos of the food because it will make me hungry! hehe!

Michelle said...

i love the pearls!

and mmmm latkes :) i was deprived of their deliciousness this hanukkah, but maybe i'll whip them up soon for no reason at all!

Emily said...

Happy Hanukkah, Ariella. It looks like you had a nice time celebrating with your friends :)

Your new cardigan is such a pretty color. Love your pink tights, too. They're so cute.

Mo said...

O HAPPY late HANUKKAH !! i love the color of the cardigan !

sparklegreen said...

You look simply splendid! The first picture especially captivated me!

Kate said...

I love your polka dot skirt - so cute!

Georgie said...

This outfit is gorgeous! I love the skirt, wish I had an H&M near me.

Raquel said...

you look lovely darling Ariella! nice party. Happy Hanukkah!

Sahakiel said...

Looks like you had a lovely time... and dear, you were stunning! I love the color of your Oasis cardigan, is so cool!

Corinna said...

you look great! I love that polka dot skirt!

Nadine said...

Das sieht nach einer tollen Feier aus :). Und dein Rock ist wirklich niedlich!

katrina said...

polka dots with bright solids is a beautiful combination. i'm pleased to hear your hanukkah get-together went well. and, again, hooray for then end of yet another semester!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Ah, total gossip girl look - and I adore it!

Fashion Therapist said...

Love that outfit...polkadots are so cute, but hard to find.

Bucca said...

that food looks tasty! You look really cute too love the polka dots :)

On first glance I thought you had a big red rose in your hair but I realise now it's a hat? hanging up in the background!

Becca Jane said...

I love love love the polka dot skirt!

Happy belated Hannukkah!

chaoskontrolowany said...

Lovely photos! You look so pretty ;))

Maria G. said...

Merry Christmas!! I was missing your posts!! enjoy these days, kisses!!

muchlove said...

I know I'm really late, but happy Hanukkah! :) Looks like you had a really lovely time.
Your outfit is adorable too!


Lauh said...

Hello, Ariella!
Sorry for the delay on answering you, but I've been sick :s

I lover that outfit, specially the polka dot skirt!!

Lauh *

moran said...

happy hanukkah from israel!!!

Daisy said...

You look lovely, Im glad you had such a fab time !

Light Stealer said...

I went to an Hannukah party in NYC as well...even if it was not planned! We played some strange game called Spinnagogh (makes sense?) and ate star-shaped was fun!

Hope you had a happy holiday :)

dodgycupcake said...

I have those tights! They're so perfect for winter weather!

Also, I got that red bowler hat from H&M for Christmas and it immediately reminded me of your blog, where I first saw it :)

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