Saturday, 14 February 2009

Hello pretty, red Burberry coat!


As you might guess from the headline, I've acquired a coat by Thomas Burberry today. It was sort of an impulse buy, but the coat was on sale and I'd wanted a pretty red coat for so long. I had quite a hard time choosing between this one and a red Marc by Marc Jacobs coat, which was really nice too, and really warm and thick, but I thought the Burberry coat had a nicer cut. I also bought some bubblegum coloured tights from Filippa K.

The coat I bought.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs coat.

I also walked around in Helsingborg and I took some nice pictures. I'm really starting to like this city a lot!

Can you see Denmark in background?


I love the way this forest looks - so magical!

I thought this was so charming and quirky.


Raquel said...

gosh the place you are is definitely beautiful. as for the coat, I think you made the best choice, the Burberry one is more beautiful :)
happy valentine's day darling!

peaitlreiecnia said...

so many wonderful photos. and that coat is darling. the colour is so striking.
and you are looking as doll like as ever
hope you have a lovely day

July Girl said...

great photos, the place is beautiful.
I like the coat you bought more than the Marc jacobs one. The color is so cute.

Maria G. said...

Hello! good night!! I cannot sleep! Let me tell you that I love your red coat!! I like best the first one, with the black 'buttoms', and it suits you so well! I had a red coat from Bershka but I gave it to my sister.. cause once I had some extra kilos at my back and when I lost them, the coat is still hers!! anyways. Umm, maybe Vero Moda and Primark buy their stuff at the same place?! I dont know, it's the only explanation I can find! interesting! Oh, Im going to Japan in March with some friends, on vacation, I still cannot believe it! I confess Im a bit afraid cause it is such a big place and they dont speak English (and we have no idea of Japanesse)!! but it will be fun, Im looking forward to it :) The city you're in now, is in the north or the south of Sweden? it is really beautiful, that forest pic is so great! my dream is to travel to Scandinavia and esp. Sweden sometime (Göterborg, Stockholm, etc) and also Norway and the Fiords, etc. Hope you had a nice day, greetings!!

ingvild e said...

lovely picures! that coat is really great!

Trish said...

Oh wow, loving the red coat! :) And, nice photos too! Happy Vday girl! :)

sparkle said...

wauw ! what a lovely city it seems,
it does look magical ! and your coat is beautiful. i like these buttons lots more than the mbmj ones..

muchlove said...

You made the perfect choice with the red coat. It has a more classical look and shape, so it's definitely going to be more versatile.
These pictures are STUNNING. Thank you for sharing them. Oooh, you can see Denmark from there? (is it the land across the sea, in that picture?) How fascinating.

Bianca said...

the coat is gorgeous!!!! I love it
AHHH. I live in America but I went to Denmark for 10 days with an exchange program last year. I also had a Danish student stay with me for 10 days.
I can fully say that it was the best experience in high school. I love denmark so much, I love the city, and style.
My school does the program every year with about 20 danish and american students.The porgram is only offered to juniors(3rd year of high school) so i cant do it again this year but I still meet all the danish students and i cant wait!!

caiushia said...

The Burberry coat is gorgeous, it does look better than the Marc Jacobs one! and the city's a great place to wander around (and take lovely photos!)

Demi said...

absolutely gorgeous coat - you definitely made the right decision!!
and that city looks soooo beautiful!

happy sunday :)


emily said...

you look cool in red (: and when your skin is little sunny :) so cool

emily said...

thanks ;D

Mo said...

hej !!! I m having the best time ! trying to enjoy every single seconds..but sadly I'll be going home tonight :( :(

your coat is lovely !! it fits you perfectly !!!!!!

chaoskontrolowany said...

Red coat is cute! Wonderful photos ;))

Nemerae said...

Love both!! *.*
I have a red coat too, a present from my boyfriend, it's really nice, very similar to yours!
Btw, red look great on you :)

Dooder City said...

I love your red coat. I love the bird houses on (is it?) the gazeebo?
Great Photos.

Couture Carrie said...

What fabulous photos! You look divine in your new coat!


K said...

The photos you took are beautiful! It seems like a lovely place
I think you made the right decision with the coat too, it's a classic that won't date

mesh and lace said...

Lovely photos!!

And talk about JEALOUS! I want that coat! Ohh, the Marc one is delicious too, but I think you made the right choice with the Burberry, it has a more classic timeless look.


lara said...

very nice pics!! and i love your coat!!



Sexy Sadie said...

omg all those photos, it certainly looks like a magical place... I wish in my country we could have places like that... anyways you made a great choice with the coat..

sparklegreen said...

Wow, beautiful blog!!! Helsingborg is absolutely gorgeous! Wow. I'm going to look at these photos again later today =]
The coat is fantastic on you.

Regine said...

ÅÅ. For ei nydelig kåpe, den var utrulig fin på deg. kjempefine bilder!! Håper du har hatt ein fin søndag :)

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

A vision in red.
You lokk so sweet.

It's Aggy bitch! said...

nice coat! and LOVELY pics!

Amalie her said...

ja det var koselig, han er så søt :)
Hvor er kjæresten din da?
Den røde kåpen på det første bildet var stunning! Herlig passform. Du kledde fargen skikkelig!
Ha en fin kveld!

Vilde said...

Likte kåpen:D

Karen said...

I's a beautiful coat (*_*).

Kay said...

Such beautiful photos!
Good choice on the coat as well, it's lovely. I prefer it to the Marc one because I think the collar and buttons work better with the fit and overall vibe.

I would still like to try it because I want to work in fashion when I'm older, and I think it's a really good way to submerge yourself in the whole fashion world. However I don't have nearly enough confidence in my chances so I would never go to an agency or anything! So basically I'd be relying on getting spotted again, which I doubt would happen

Maria G. said...

Hi Ariella!! hope you had a great day! Im going to Japan in March, 10 days, on vacation, today I was organizing the trip with friends, but as you said, there are so many things to see that I think we shouldnt sleep! haha!! we plann to visit Tokyo (5 days), Kyoto (3 days), Nikko (1 day) and 1 evening Osaka. My dream since a lot of years is going to Scandinavia sometime, but Im so happy to visit Japan too! but it was a fast decision, the flight cost 600 E (from my city to Paris and then to Tokyo) and the hotels, well, if you want Japanesse style (sleeping in the ground, no beds, just the sheets and a 'futon') that's cheaper, we found a place for 22 E every night, but if you want western style (with beds) thats a bit more expensive, we have that too (for 35 E/night), we're doing both styles. Eating is also cheap (you can even eat for 2 E), the most expensive thing is the transportation, but there is a special pass for tourists. Everybody thinks Japan is so expensive, but it isnt, for example, a coke costs 0,79 E and in spain (at a bar I mean) it costs 1,50 E. Im sorry to write that much!! Hope you have a nice time, I really love all those pictures you uploaded, the forecasts and the roofs of the houses, so beautiful! Take care, greetings!

riennahera said...

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I feel it is almost a spam, but I felt so nice when I was tagged and I really love your blog.

yiqin; said...

If there is winter in Singaproe, I will def walk around wit a red coat!!!

Emily said...

Gorgeous coat! I think you made the right choice.

Your pictures of Helsingborg are beautiful. The forest does look magical and I really like the picture with the shore of Denmark in the background! :)

Have a great week!!

Anonymous said...

this coat is made for you!

purpleletter said...

Your Burberry coat is soooo pretty!!!

The forest looks like it's from Lord of the Rings. Haha!

i.d. said...

Gorgeous! I love the cut of the Burberry coat; it will never go out of style so - great investment!

regine. said...

wow im so very jealous. both of them are lush, it mustve been a tough decision.

its definetly on my to-do list. buy a marc jacobs coat.

gorgeous photos too. makes me wish i ws there.

regine. said...

i want your tights. but im not sure i'd be able to pull it off.

you realy do love your american apparel skirt dont you? maybe i should get myself one =).


sisters and dresses said...

Beautiful city and coat!!!

Q's Daydream said...

So pretty! My red coat makes me so happy! :o)

Katie said...

Both coats are beautiful! I'd love to be able to afford one of them. I think I do like the Burberry one better too, I like the buttons :)

You are looking really pretty as always, and so is the city you're in - lucky girl!

Anyway I hope you're good and well Miss Ariella :) x

Vie said...

Å - det ser koselig ut der (:
Dessuten er jakken absolutt nydelig.

Fanny said...

Helsingborg is my hometown!

ohphilippa said...

i like the coat you bought much more than the marc jacobs one

Anonymous said...

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