Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sitting in a tree

In a tree

It's so hot and sticky these days that wearing lightweight dresses that don't stick to your body is the best. Though I think I may only own two or three dresses that qualify as non-sticky in hot weather so it might be an idea to invest in a few more since it's not even proper summer yet. I bought the dress I am wearing in the photos a couple of years ago in London and it is by far one of my favorites although I seldom wear it since it feels so overly romantic.
I suppose most of you are not burdened with such impossibly hot weather (at least not yet!), but what do you wear to feel a little bit more at ease when it is incredibly hot outside?

In a treeIn a tree

In a treeIn a tree
In a treeIn a tree

In a treeIn a tree
In a tree

Dress from Traffic People, leotard (underneath) from American Apparel, and hair bow from Bianco.


Svenja said...

the pictures are beautiful!
i think i would look weird sitting in a tree as i would be afraid of falling down. : )

Raquel said...

hi dear! we have such weather in portugal too, a couple of weeks ago it was so sticky! so like you I stick myself to loose dresses and sometimes shorts+loose blouse and sandals! although one almost wants to go barefooted!
also I think you are getting a bit of a darker color right? :)

Jeanne Kiur said...

These photos're beautiful!
It's rather a pity, picteres aren't present....

Phuong said...

you look so cute in the dress! love it

Modesty is Pretty said...

Oh that dress is a dream! You look so beautiful as always and I do not think is overly romantic I think it's just perfect! For summer I usually wear linen or cotton fabrics since they let the air flow and you don't end up all sweaty. I also keep they shoes comfortable, usually sandals to keep my feet cool. Good luck with the summer season, here in the United States it is getting hotter by the day! Love the pictures on the tree.

Becca Jane said...

That tree is amazing! You look lovely - these images are so pretty and ethereal

Q's Daydream said...

so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Hi! unfortunately this is just the beginning. Have you ever visited Israel on July-August?
Well, there are no tricks other than going out when it's cooler and staying by the sea/swimming pool and drinking a lot (or being in airconditioned spaces). When I grew up nothing was airconditioned. (BTW, buy a ceilling fan! this is great when you don't feel like turning on the a/c and shutting all the windows again)
Last year I bought 2 pairs of very light cotton pants which I love, with flip-flops or sandals and light and airy tops, it's bearable.
And if I clear "mistake" in your outfit is the tight shirt underneath. If you must wear something underneath, use a light camisole instead.
Also you will find out soon that most of the summer items of international brands - don't fit the Israeli weather at all - for ex. all those summer jackets (possible only for people who work in a cold office), all the sheer synthetic long sleeves shirts, thight waistcoats, tights and much more.

piglet said...

what lovely, dreamy pictures! That dress has the perfect amount of floatiness.

Helen said...

I love wearing light summery dresses in the hot hot weather. Staying inside is during midday is best for keeping cool, but I love the heat. Oh and having a siesta and enjoy the cooler hours in the evening is also good!

Luna : said...

i hate it when it gets so hot in summer and its so humid that you feel like you are constantly in the shower :-( oh well i suppose its an excuse to wear extreme floaty clothing and loll around doing nothing :-D

Baśka said...

sitting in a tree seems so scary for me! ;) i've always been a coward as it comes to climbing a tree, haha!

but i'm suposed to write about fashion, then i'm saying your white dress is so romantic and suits your beauty perfectly! and your style too :)

revital said...

oh wow! that first photo is simply stunning! breath taking!!!

Fleur Mirage said...

Beautiful pictures :D It's lovely :D

Anonymous said...

Cute dress!

Raquel said...

hmmm I guess getting a tan is something inevitable when you live in a sunny place, even with a very high spf factor :/ I enjoy it though, I love my pale skin too but I leave it for winter :)

muchlove said...

what fun pictures! You make a cute tree-hugger :D

Melanie M said...

My gosh, I adore these photos! You're stunnnning. That dress is to die for. :)


B said...

The photo of you sitting on the tree looks very dreamy, glowy and magical. Little White Dress is quite perfect for summer :)

B from A plus B

ana said...

what a beautiful tree that is, I wish I could climb it too!



Hello Ariella!

Such a great blog you have, I adore it and I would love to exchange links to you. You are already linked :)
I love your point of view in this great and historical city...this is so fab and I really wish to visit it some day!

all my kisses and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Such pretty photo! Love all the trees. Love the dress and the cute bow in your hair. Dresses are so great to wear during hot weather! :)

Miss Madeline said...

just gorgeous photos, your dress is pretty!

Erin Cathleen said...

What a beautiful dress! I tend to live in dresses all summer long to beat the heat and humidity here, too. We have only had a few hot days so far... I secretly wish there were more. :) Looks gorgeous where you are!

Emily said...

It's been hot and sticky here lately, too :( I definitely rely on lightweight cotton (dresses, skirts, blouses, shorts) when the humidity increases.

These photos are incredibly lovely. You look as though you've stepped out of a storybook.

Nav said...

your photos are beautiful!
your blog is really lovely! xox

Fabiola "Fab" said...

soooo beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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