Friday, 27 August 2010



I've had such a horrible sleeping routine the last few weeks going to bed in the middle of the night and sleeping until very late. The last few days have been even worse and I've only been able to fall asleep at seven or eight in the morning and getting up at three in the afternoon. It's driving me crazy and I feel like I'm wasting the whole day. One of the reasons why it's become so bad is probably that I have a lot to think about these days. This evening I am feeling tired though, and it's not even midnight, so I hope tonight will be better.
Have any of you ever experienced sleeplessness or having a bad sleeping routine, and if so, how did you fix it?

Miu Miu
red wedges

Hair band, skirt and dress worn as a top from H&M, shoes from Sixtyseven and bag by Miu Miu


CupCake Girl said...

I love that bag! Is it Burberry?

Ariella said...

Thank you! It's Miu Miu :)

Svenja said...

Ich kann dir leider keine Tipps für einen normalen Schlafrythmus geben, aber ein großes Kompliment für das hübsche Outfit und besonders für die schönen Schuhe! :)

Sam said...

Aah, you look so lovely! I got to say that your skirt and bag are my favourite items. They're really nice.

And about the sleeping trouble, I have the exact same problem and my internship will start this monday. So I'm trying to get my normal sleepingroutine back. My 'solution' is, setting your alarm clock at 10 O'clock in the morning and getting up, no matter how tired you feel. And in the evening I take something named 'melatomatine'. Not sure if that's the official name in English. It's against jetlags, but also against sleepingproblems. It's based on tomatoes, so it's natural and not chemical. You'll have to take it 2 to 3 hours before you want to sleep and it makes you extra tired, because it makes more melatonin in your brain. I hope the story makes sense, since I have the feeling I'm typing words that not even exist! Including some bad grammar. Oh well, I hope I helped a bit! Good luck :)

Modesty is Pretty said...

Such cute outfit and yes I have gone through that bad sleeping habit when I was on vacation, what I decided to do was to got to bed earlier and even though I didn't feel sleepy I got a book and read and after a while I would feel sleepy. Then the next day I would get up ealier, a book always helps me get sleepy for some reason. Especially one that is a bit boring.

Nicole said...

You look so lovely! I love the polka dot top and those red shoes. So cute! :)

Becca Jane said...

This is a really cute outfit! I love your miu miu bag and those adorable shoes!

As for when I can't sleep, I love chamomile tea.

Baśka said...

i've never experienced this, but maybe this is also because of the change of time area? anyways, i hope you'll be better soon <3

Mina said...

I know exactly what your talking about, I had that problem in the past and it can really drive you crazy because you get into this cycle and it seems impossible to break it
first you should try and drink chamomile tea, some people don't really like the taste but it has an effect of calming you down and numbing the system
you should make it very strong, just leave the tea inside the water and use a big glass
you can also try to drink a glass of red whine, it can make you sleepy
try and organize yourself a room with little light, just enough to read a book- that can help falling asleep
the thing that helped me break the cycle is setting up an important meeting in the morning, the kind you can't miss, for example going to the dentist, this way you have to get up and go to the meeting, regardless of how little sleep you got the night before, then when you come back from the meeting, don't go to sleep, make yourself busy and try not going to sleep until the evening
hope it works out for you


I love your outfit, the shoes are lovely, and red really suits you

chaoskontrolowany said...

Wow! Awesome bag <3 <3

Katie said...

LOVE the bag. I really have a penchant from tan leather bags at the moment!

I've had problems with sleeping in the past, some things you can do to help are... not using screens before you go to bed (computers, TV, mobile phone) because the light can trick your brain into thinking its still daytime, so you'll find it hard to sleep!

Hope this might help a bit too! xxx

arnique said...

OMG you have hoof shoes too! B has a pair of lookalike shoes in brown that we call our giraffe hoof shoes. They look SO lovely in pictures but are the very devil to walk in. I always have to lean on someone when I walk in 'em (I'm very clumsy). I like how they look though, esp. the red, I'm love cherry pops of colour.

A from A + B in the Sea

Michelle said...

i havent experienced it to that degree but when i ruin the routine, the best you can do is try to go to bed around 10 and listen to some soothing music. that usually helps me to get back into my routine. hope it helps!

i love the structure of the skirt. but i think your bag takes the grand prize.

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

You look lovely! I really like the polka dots against the subtle pin stripes. The color combination is very indicative of Autumn, so while it may be too hot in Israel to properly enjoy the cooler season, at least you can still dress in the distinct colors of the season :)

I'm terribly sorry to hear of your sleeping trouble. I recently went through a bout of not sleeping well, too. I'm not sure that I'm completely out of it, but I have been able to get a few good night's rest the last few weeks. I try very hard to be as relaxed as possible when I go to bed so that any tension from the day doesn't hinder my chance to sleep. Chamomile tea and a book usually help in relaxing me and I also try to go to bed at roughly the same time each night.

Helen said...

Oh no, I hope your sleeping gets better soon! When I can't sleep well I try to make sure my room is tidy and have a nice relaxing bath with maybe something lavender scented in it. And then cosy up and read a book. Baths make me feel so sleepy though. Hope it gets better soon x

Ariella said...

Mina: Thanks - those are some great tips.
Thanks to the rest of you as well. I'm going to try all of your tips out :)

Maria G. said...

Hello Ariella!! how are you! first of all, you look great! love the shirt esp.! and second.. cant believe it but im having the same problem!!! i go to bed at aroung 4 or 5 (not 7 or 8) and wake up at 13h, or so, I cant help it, i cant fall asleep before!! :/ so when i wake up i have lunch and half of the day is gone! :/ im just terryfied of my first day of job next week when i have to wake up at 8h, no!!!!! 0___0 i dont know how to fix it! lol! but that's it! anyway, i hope you're having a nice time, it's still summer :) kisses!!

Maria G. said...

I was glad to read this post and comments btw cause im feeling quite identyfied with this, let's try it! :)

Anisha @ Live Life Deeply said...

Oh my, the shoes are lovely!

BAck in high school I used to have a pretty weird sleeping routine - I only ever needed three or so hours of sleep a night and could still be up and perky at 8 in time for school.

Five years later though, I find it really hard to sort out my sleeping habits.

If I have 8 AM classes, I need to get up at 4.30 to be on time. Then I have a nap in the afternoon and of course I can't seemed to fall asleep at night.

The only remedy? Stick to the plan all the time. I now go to bed at a fairly early time so I get at least some hours of sleep at night and I never nap in the afternoons. I force myself not to sleep all weekend, even if I am tired. Instead I just go to bed a little earlier but not too early.

It's hard in the beginning but once you've figured out a routine that works for you, sleep will come much easier.

Frankie said...

Love your matching top, shoes and bow! And of course I always love a Miu Miu bag!

Camilla said...

jeg kan ikke få sagt nok hvor mye jeg elsker bildene dine :)

Caroline said...

Fina bilder!

andrea said...

I go through phases like that too. I suffer from anxiety and when it's really bad I find it super hard to sleep. Medication obviously helps, but I don't like relying on it. Sometimes I find that writing just before going to bed helps to get rid of the worries and go to bed with a clear mind. I also sometimes take herbal remedies or tea. Oh, and when everything else fails you'll find me listening to classical music at 6 in the morning. I concentrate on the music as much as I can and IT WORKS! I hope I helped you and I really hope you get better soon.

Bea said...

Playing catch up reading your blog and I almost missed this outfit. It is my favorite from you so far! I love all the touches of red!

As for you questions I have that problem sometimes. I couldn't sleep until three AM for a few weeks. I would just go to bed at eleven and read a bit to calm me down. Then I'd close the lights and lie there (thinking mostly) until I fell asleep. It's just important not to do anything (stay away from the computer!) and eventually you'll start sleeping earlier and earlier :)

Hope it gets better for you!

Bea from A plus B

Erin Cathleen said...

I know you've gotten lots of replies on this already, but I might as well add my two cents, so to speak. :) As a longtime insomniac, I've found that there are but a few sure-fire "cures" for sleeplessness: establishing a regular bedtime routine, spending an hour or two to unwind before lights out, with no computer use whatsoever (I like to putter around the house, take a shower, read); yoga (the stretching makes me super-sleepy); having a cup of decaf herbal tea early in the evening, but no later than eight (otherwise you will wake up in the middle of night and have to pee!); and, if all else fails... supplements! Melatonin and valerian root are two good herbal remedies for restlessness, even anxiety. My "sleepytime cocktail" would be one of each with a glass of warm milk... sounds kind of gross but works like a charm! Or you could try eating a handful of dry cereal as a bedtime snack; the serotonin boost from the carbohydrates helps promote sleep. But be sure to only have milk OR cereal; if you have both, the calcium from the milk will block your brain's serotonin production, nullifying the effects that help you sleep. Anyway, hope that helps! :)

Patent Invalidity Search Company said...

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